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Pittsburgh Movers Timeline Part 3 – The Moving Process

Today’s the big day! You’re moving to Pittsburgh. Our All My Sons Moving & Storage team is thrilled to be able to help you move into your new home. To make your life easier, our packing services are customized to your individual move and include high quality packing products to keep your belongings safe.

So, the day is here- you’ve packed up all your belongings (or used our customized packing services and packing products) and you are up early with coffee ready to get to your new home. Make sure your phone is charged and you’ve eaten some breakfast. If you’ve hired reputable Pittsburgh movers, make sure you are there when your moving team shows up. You should also ensure there is space for the movers to park the truck for easy loading/unloading. You should confirm an inventory list with them of all that they will be transporting. This way all your belongings are accounted for in case something gets lost or damaged during the move.

Pro Tip: If you have kids or pets, arrange for them to stay with friends or family during the day of the move. There is a lot going on during moving day, and having to look after a child or pet while simultaneously coordinating a move is too overwhelming. This way you can focus on getting the move done. Your kids and pets will have more fun away from the craziness of the move anyways.

Bring your valuables and necessities with you- don’t pack them away. Important documents, valuable jewelry, a phone charger, change of clothes and a toothbrush are all things you don’t want to pack away in the truck for your move. Make sure you have a preset “carry on” bag for your move.

Have some sort of food and drink available for you in case the packing and loading process takes longer than expected. There’s nothing worse than moving on an empty stomach. Make sure you have water bottles and some snacks available for you and your family. It’s always a nice gesture to offer snacks and drinks to your movers completing the packing services as well.

Once your Pittsburgh movers or family and friends help you pack up the truck, make sure you vacuum and clean your current home as it will be messy! Try and pick up as much as you can and throw away any trash from packing products left over from the move out. Do one last sweep while you are cleaning to make sure no boxes or items were left behind.

Make sure you have money on hand to pay the movers the remaining balance you owe so the unpacking process goes smoothly. Most Pittsburgh movers will not be able to unload until they are paid in full. Ensure that you and your movers have the correct directions to the new home to avoid the frustration of getting lost. Most importantly, relax! Moving day can be stressful but take a deep breath and know that you are on the way to an amazing new home.