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Moving to Pittsburgh with Children

Pittsburgh moving companies know that moving to a new city or even town can be difficult on a family. Once the decision is final and you are moving to Pittsburgh, it may be tough breaking the news to your children, since depending on their age they can’t really begin to comprehend why the family is moving and how it may be beneficial.

Local Pittsburgh moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage has some quick tips on moving to Pittsburgh with children, how to make the process easy, and things they can do in town that will get them excited about their new town and city.

Tips for Making your Move to Pittsburgh Easy on your Kids:

  1. Have a family meeting and discuss why the family is moving. Helping your children understand will hopefully make them be more optimistic.
  2. Involve them in the house hunting process. Figure out what your kids would like in their new home that would get them excited about moving to Pittsburgh.
  3. Have them help get rid of things they no longer like, and let them know that they will have the treat of picking out stuff for their new room and wardrobe for their new school.
  4. Allow them to decorate their new rooms however they like.
  5. Encourage them to keep in touch with old friends and even make arrangements for visits.
  6. Last but not least, take your children out on the town and act like tourists in Pittsburgh. Allowing your children to have fun in their new city will help them to like it more.

Places to go With Your Children after Moving to Pittsburgh:

  1. The Ferris Wheel or “Wheel of Lights” – Built in 1892 by Pittsburgh local George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. The site also has a restaurant.
  2. Primanti Bros. Sandwich – For the famous sandwiches topped with French fries and coleslaw. A history lesson for your children: the idea for the sandwich came during the Great Depression so that workers could hold their entire meal in one hand and work with the other.
  3. The Golden Arches Museum - In commemoration of The Big Mac, which was invented by Pittsburgh local Jim Delligatti.
  4. The Robot Hall of Fame – If your children love cartoons and animated movies, local Pittsburgh movers know that they will love checking out characters like WALL-E at the Robot Hall of Fame.
  5. The Andy Warhol Museum – Even though most children do not love art, they may love Andy Warhol’s famous colorful pieces.
  6. Phipps Conservatory - The number two best thing to do in Pittsburgh, following right behind PNC Park. The conservatory has a lot for children to do and provides the best, natural, beautiful escape from the city.