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10 Best Ways to Organize Your Stockpile

It happens- you go to the store and they are having a sale and you buy stuff in mass quantities. Trust us, we get it. If you have a stockpile that is just piling up, our local movers in Pittsburgh at All My Sons Moving & Storage have 10 ways to organize your stockpile.

Find “hidden storage space.” I’m sure you forgot about the space under your beds, but you shouldn’t forget about it! This space will come in handy. You can keep an ample supply of toilet paper, paper towels and napkins hidden under the bed. This will keep piles of random “stuff” from piling up. You can also use closet floors, unused cupboard space and in the garage to organize your stockpile.


Designate storage spaces to each particular item. You don’t want to have paper towels stored with laundry detergent. You should do your best to keep everything sorted and separated, so that you will be able to find things fairly quickly.


Once you have everything sorted, you should organize your stockpile by lining it up in rows, and keeping the oldest stock in the front- just like they do in grocery stores.


Our local movers recommend buying wisely. Don’t purchase 50 boxes of something that you’ll never eat or use, simply because you were able to get a deal on it. The less stuff you have, the smaller your stockpile will be. You don’t want to spend any time going through your stock pile throwing away anything that you never use or is past its expiration date.


It’s important to make sure that shelves can support weight. Canned goods, laundry detergent, condiments and shampoos can get heavy. You should make sure whatever is holding up these items can support a heavy weight.


If you can, you should organize by location. This keeps your current stock readily available, and you will always know exactly what you need to restock.  


Keep your stock visible if it needs rotating. According to our local movers in Pittsburgh, this is especially important for food items, because it’s essential that food only be kept until its expiration date.


The full service movers at All My Sons recommend making your stockpile easily accessible. The more readily accessible your storage is, the quicker you can unload items and into their appropriate places. Doing this will save you time and energy.


If you don’t have more than one place to keep your stockpile, use different types of organizational containers to separate the items. You can use different colored containers or color-coded tape to do this. If you go in the direction of organizational containers, you should go with the same brand. The same brand usually means uniformity, which makes them easier to stack when you organize your stockpile.


Create a “treasure map” with the locations to your supplies. It doesn’t even have to be fancy, just grab a small notebook and divide it into sections based on the different locations in your house. If you plan to update and change your plan around, our local movers in Pittsburgh suggest using a dry erase board.