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Travel Apps for Moving Long-Distance

Moving long distance no longer has to be as much as a hassle as it seems. Once you have the hard part of finding the right moving company to handle your long-distance move to Pittsburgh over, local moving companies suggest using the following travel apps for moving long-distance that can make your move smooth and efficient.

1. Inrix Traffic – A free apps that shows live traffic, predicted traffic, and even compares the current conditions to normal conditions. Intrix Traffic uses its Smart Driver Network to collect information from road sensors, as well as partners with traffic providers in order to give users the most accurate traffic updates. Inrix Traffic is an amazing travel app for moving long-distance to Pittsburgh because it can even let you know the best time to leave your home, as well as alert you when police, accidents, hazards, and construction zones are near.

2. GasBuddy – Perhaps one of the most popular free gas apps available, Pittsburgh movers love using this app in order to fill their trucks with the least costly gas in the area, saving moving families an upwards of hundreds of dollars.

3. Textecution Pittsburgh movers believe that you cannot put a price on your teen’s life. So, if you are moving long-distance and your teen will be driving their car, Textecution is an app that costs $29.99 and curbs texting and driving by automatically disabling certain features on your phone once you reach above 15 mph.

4. Beat the Traffic – Another app that works as a GPS mapping out your route, this app will find alternative routes if the main route is at a gridlock.

5. Waze – With a 4.5 star rating and over 8,000 reviews, Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, as well as a sort of social network. You can use this app to see in real-time what the locals in that area are saying about the traffic, what alternate routes they are taking, as well as tell you which days are the worst for driving during the holidays.

6. Hotel Tonight – The only hotel locator on our list, Hotel Tonight can find you a last minute hotel nearby when moving long-distance and needing to stop overnight. Even though you can get discounted prices of up to 70% off with the app, you can still choose between categories like “hip,” “luxe,” or “basic.”

7. AroundMe – AroundMe is a top app for finding restaurants, bars, gas stations, and even places to park within your vicinity. If you are moving to Pittsburgh and have been traveling a long way, use AroundMe to take a break and find a great place to eat.

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