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Spring Cleaning: Attic Organizing Tips After Moving to Pittsburgh

Declutter The Clutter For A Happier Home

At All My Sons Moving & Storage, we know that your attic can be a place of clutter- but it doesn’t have to be. After moving to Pittsburgh, you want to feel organized, not cluttered. The professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage of Pittsburgh have put together this list of attic organizing tips to get your attic looking its best!

Sort Through Everything

This is the first step to getting your attic organized. The best way to sort items is based on their use, season, person or by any other category that makes sense to you.

Then get rid of all the junk! Some of the things that we keep in our attics are nothing but junk. If you have any broken items, things with missing parts or anything that has long outlived its purpose, the best place for these items is the garbage. Anything that no longer fits your needs but is still in good shape can be sold or donated. This is one of the easiest organizing tips to follow.

Consider A Self-Storage Unit

If you have large items that you simply don’t use frequently that are taking up a lot of space in your attic, consider moving these to a self-storage unit. This way, you can free up space in your attic for the things you use more frequently.

Buy Some Bins

This is one of the fairly inexpensive organizing tips. Plastic bins are inexpensive and offer the perfect storage solution for organizing your attic after moving to Pittsburgh. Clear bins are ideal because they let you see what’s stored inside.

Label Everything

Even if you are using clear storage bins, it’s always nice to know exactly what’s inside of each container. Consider attaching index cards or large labels to the front of the containers, so you can check the contents without any hassle. A tip from the professionals at All My Sons: add the date to the label. If you haven’t used the items in a year or two, you should find them a new home.

Other Things To Consider

Put up hanging rods. According to our local movers in Pittsburgh, hanging rods will be perfect if you store seasonal clothing in your attic. This is ideal for winter outerwear, ski pants and any other items you prefer not to fold and pack in boxes.

Also, think about storage carts. Plastic storage carts that have drawers are ideal for small items such as arts and crafts supplies and hobby items. Don’t forget to label the drawers!

If you have the wall space, consider shelving. Metal shelving is fairly inexpensive and is ideal for an attic. Any shelving that you put up should be anchored to the wall, before you put anything on them. Shelving is good to store season sports items or holiday items.

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