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Tips You Must Know When Moving to Pittsburgh

Using your Pittsburgh movers to relocate to a brand new city can be intimidating; turn your moving experience into an adventure that the whole family will get excited about.

Finally, you don’t have to wait until your Pittsburgh movers bring you to your new home in order to get familiar with your with new city. All of that uncertainty that normally comes with moving into a new home can get thrown out the window with this list from All My Sons Moving & Storage of Pittsburgh of tips you must know when moving to Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Has Its Own Language

Otherwise known as Pittsburghese, your Pittsburgh moving company will be one of the first ones to tell you all about the local’s special dialect. Try to become familiar with the local language lingo before you move to Pittsburgh, that way you will actually be able to understand what your new neighbors are saying to you!

Get Ready To Switch Sides

Known for being unwaveringly loyal to their sports teams, Get ready to start rooting for The Penguins, The Steelers, and The Pirates. If you are unsure about whether or not you will want to switch teams, then just wait until your Pittsburgh movers get you settled into your new home. Every game day, make sure to wear your black and gold attire, as it is Pittsburgh’s city-wide uniform.

Get Familiar With The Neighborhoods

One of the first things that your Pittsburgh movers will tell you is that Pittsburgh is known for how many neighborhoods it has. Before moving to Pittsburgh, make sure to find out information about each neighborhood and what each community has to offer. If you and your family are feeling adventurous, then pick a different neighborhood each weekend and spend the day exploring it.

Learn The Maps Before You Arrive

Another thing that Pittsburgh is known for is the number of roads that take you all throughout the city. In order to navigate the maze of roads throughout the city, learn the road maps before you get there. Also, if you are driving to somewhere in Pittsburgh that you have not been before, then make sure to map out the destination in order to help your driving experience go as smoothly as possible.

Your Money Will Go A Lot Further

One of the best things about this city when using your Pittsburgh movers is that this is one of the most affordable cities in the nation. Housing costs are extremely low, which is exactly why your Pittsburgh moving company is always kept so busy! There are plenty of free activities to do in the city as well, so you can splurge on getting new furniture for your Pittsburgh home.

A Moving Company That's Part Of The Community

When you are ready to plan your move, All My Sons Moving & Storage is ready to help you make it as easy and stress-free as possible. Contact us for your free, no-obligation quote today!