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Tips to Set Up Your Children’s Room

As most parents know, decorating a child’s room goes far beyond picking a few colors and furniture. Creating a space where kids can both play and live is a delicate combination to balance. Whether you are setting up a room for a toddler or teenager, certain aspects of home décor will always remain the same. The Pittsburgh moving company of All My Sons Moving & Storage are well-versed in a variety of children’s room décor ideas. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips to help you set up your children’s room in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way. Having functional design in the room will help keep your kids organized as they grow.

Color Coordinate

If your children are on the younger side, color coordinating is very helpful for keeping them organized while also adding a burst of color. Using forward facing book shelves will take up a bit for of your wall space, but you won’t need to worry about painting. Also, having color coordinated themes in the room can help your child decide where certain items belong based on color.

Find Unconventional Storage Places

The local Pittsburgh moving company knows that keeping your children’s room organized is a full-time job. That is why it is often necessary to think outside the box when decorating your kids room. Adding storage bins under your child’s bed will help save space and keep clutter out of the way, but what about finding more clever ways to store toys and clothes.

Unique shelving throughout your children’s room will help add decorations throughout the room but also keep those clutter items out of the way. Shelving doesn’t need to be a boring straight shelf. Consider rustic crates. Secure them onto their side and you now have a creative and decorative book shelf or trophy case.

Turn a boring bookshelf case into a great decoration piece and storage combo. If you have narrow bookshelves that are empty, try turning them on their side. This can line the wall and create more storage space that your smaller children can reach.

Go Old School

Cork boards and peg boards are old time favorites that are still useful to this day. Try adding beautifully decorated peg boards into your children’s room. Your teenage daughter can hang her jewelry from the peg board or your son can hang his hats. If you are looking to add it to your toddler’s room, add a few decorations on the peg board or a few bins to store even more toys!

Double Functionality is the ultimate goal when setting up your children’s room. Fill their room with items that will serve more than one purpose. Add a play table with storage space underneath to store arts and crafts supplies or multifunctional furniture such as loft beds. This will maximize the amount of space you have whilst providing plenty of space for your children’s room to be “livable” and enjoyable!

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