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Why You Need to Declutter Before You Move

Moving to a new home is a great reason to finally weed through all of the clutter you have been pushing aside. After all, who wants to have their Omaha movers bring extra stuff that you don’t need to your new home?

Still not convinced as to why you need to make the time to declutter your old house before you have your Omaha moving company pack everything up to bring to your new house? Then make sure to check out these reasons from All My Sons Omaha on why you need to declutter before you move.

It costs you money. When you have piles of unopened mail, chances are that you might lose or forget to pay a bill. Since the last thing you need to bring with you and your Omaha moving company to your new home is a pile of late fees, go through all of the piles of paper that have been sitting there collecting dust. The same goes for piles of clutter throughout your house; you might end up buying five wine openers simply because you can’t find one among the mess.

It stresses you out. Since moving comes with enough stress of its own, don’t add to it by having your Omaha movers unpack a bunch of clutter that you don’t need. In fact, researchers from UCLA’s Center of Everyday Lives and Families have proven that there is a direct link between high cortisol in women who own homes with a “high density of household objects.” Moving to a new home is an opportunity to start off with a clean slate; do this by making time to declutter before you move.

It invites germs and pests. Once your Omaha moving company pulls away from your driveway, chances are that you are planning on inviting guests over for a housewarming party. Avoid inviting unwanted party guests, such as germs and pests, by leaving the clutter at your old home. After all, how can you clean your kitchen counter if you can’t see it? If you and your family has a bad habit of leaving dirty dishes in the sink, then don’t be surprised if you start to notice cockroaches and other critters. Keep unwanted house guests far away by making sure that all of the dishes are done by the end of the night.

It makes you tired. Believe it or not, a recent study done by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute revealed that people with a cluttered home experienced increased exhaustion as a result of worrying about a messy environment. Make sure that the stress – and clutter – doesn’t arrive at your new home with your Omaha movers by decluttering before you move.