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Where to Grub in Omaha

Omaha may be famous for its steaks, but it is not necessarily known for its eclectic dining and wide-ranging restaurants. But why not? We have some of the freshest meat in the country, plenty of land to grow ripe veggies, and a huge pool of culinary talent. With these ingredients, Omaha has first-rate dining that can rival plenty of big cities with a serious foodie reputation. Don’t believe us? Let your Omaha packing and moving company prove it.

Steak. We had to start out with a steakhouse. After all, Omaha Steaks put our beloved city on the map back in 1917. We thought we’d pay homage to the “Oracle of Omaha” and present to you his favorite steakhouse, Gorat’s. This steakhouse is where Warren Buffet regularly hosts dinner for businesses and for his annual shareholder’s meeting. Founded in 1944, Gorat’s has developed a reputation for serving fine meats and seafood. They also have plenty of delicious sandwiches, salads and Italian meals. While many will argue Gorat’s is not the best steak Omaha has to offer, we did not think it right to argue with the Oracle.

Burger. If you wanted something a little less extravagant, a burger should do the trick. The Twisted Cork Bistro is where locals go for a juicy burger and a cold one. The Twisted Cork burger is made with secret spices and served with white cheddar and pickled red onion. It is really amazing! Their plum creek chicken, which is seared in a caramelized whiskey glaze and served with farmer cheese, rosemary, and Yukon coins, is out of this world! They also have a great selection of Pacific Northwest wines, so make sure to check them out.

European. Take a trip to France and head to Dario’s Brasserie. This French bistro is owned by a chef from Bosnia, but he really knows a thing or two about Parisian cuisine. The crepes, croques, moules and lamb will all leave you hungry for more! If you love French food, this is definitely one to add to your list!

Healthy. Not everyone appreciates steaks, burgers and crepes. For those of you new to Omaha living -  on the healthy side of the spectrum, this town caters to you, too! Let us present Taxi’s Grille and Bar. This healthy eatery is serving up salmon nicoise salad, seafood enchiladas, and velvet chicken that will all satisfy your hunger without forcing you to loosen your belt.

Asian. If you have a thing for peanut sauce, you will need to head to Salween Thai. They have tons of hot dishes that will set your mouth ablaze, along with lighter items like veggie spring rolls. The pad Thia is among the most popular (as expected), but there are plenty of exotic items to try, so do not hold back!

Do not think for one second that there is not an eclectic food scene here in Omaha. Sure, we have plenty of steakhouses, but the city if chock-full of exciting and innovative restaurants you will want to try. If you visit any of our favorites, tell them your Omaha movers sent you! Enjoy!