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Weekend Organization Projects

Organization is the key to an efficient and clean household. While organizing (and maintaining that organization) can be a full time job, we here at the Omaha movers have assembled a list of weekend projects you can put into practice that will help organize your home and set it up to stay that way. Whether you want to do one project at your leisure or spend a full weekend really cranking out some organizing methods, we’ve got suggestions you can follow to implement organization in your home.

Personalized bath storage. From color coding tags on bathroom towels to creating labeled baskets with toiletries, you can up the organization level of your bathroom by compartmentalizing. Mount shelves in the bathroom and place each family member’s appointed basket with their hair and facial products, a washcloth, and so on.

Organize your entry way. Hang a metal crate with sections by the door and let it be a catch all for the family’s daily needs. Hang your purse, hats, dog leash and much more on hooks and store gardening boots, running shoes, and any other footwear items in a bin below the crate. This makeshift entry way is perfect for the family with a busy schedule and the need for accessibility.

Create a magazine rack. Use heavy fabric, like tapestries or the kind created for upholstering furniture, and create pockets on a piece of plywood. Rest magazines and catalogs in the pockets and change out as new monthlies arrive.

Build a makeshift charging station. Camera chargers, iPhone chargers, and much more can benefit from a charging station. Plug all wires into a surge protector strip and pull the wires through a unified location, such as a box or an elevated shelf. Keeping wires in one place will prevent losing chargers and will have them readily available when your electronics are about to die.

Use the area under tables as hidden storage. Even if a piece of furniture doesn’t come with drawers or cabinets, you can affix a table skirt that can conceal the storage and bins within. Hook and loop tape around the table makes for easy affixing and can add an instant jolt of life to an otherwise boring piece of furniture.

Repurpose an over the door shoe organizer. Kitchen utensils or cleaning supplies fit in the shoe organizer with ease, so putting one on the back of the pantry door or behind the bathroom closet is an easy way to cut the bulk of cleaning supplies and other items and clear out cabinet and drawer space.