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Reasons to Visit Omaha

The green revolution is taking over America, along with putting a strong emphasis on local everything. Americans are deciding that now is the time to start caring about where your food came from, whether it came from a sustainable farm, if your products came from a local store, and if not was it fair trade, etc. People care that they aren’t hurting their environment, and that they are leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. Omaha, Nebraska is no stranger to this concept. Omaha has a large local, fresh, farmer’s market scene that is impressive to most, craft beer breweries that will knock your hops off, and an abundance of art that will make any art connoisseur’s heart sing. Omaha is the place to be, and it’s no wonder why.

There are farmer’s markets in Omaha five days a week. That means that getting fresh, locally grown goodies is almost as easy as going to the normal grocery store. And with such a large demand for locally grown food, the prices are all kinds of affordable. Now that people are more concerned with being aware of where there food came from, and whether or not pesticides were used, and what not, the local farmer’s markets in Omaha are growing at incredible rates. Say hello to a whole new style of living.

The craft beer brewery scene is growing so much in Omaha that they decided to dedicate a whole week to it and all of its glory. The mission of Omaha Beer Week is to “drive the consumption of Craft Beer in Omaha by promotion and celebration of Craft Beer through unique and interesting events,” as per the Omaha Beer Week 2014 website. Local breweries not only provide a different type of beer experience for their clients, but they also keep money local. By investing in local breweries rather than big name beer companies, more of your money stays in Omaha, in turn boosting the economy. Who knew drinking beer could help promote your city’s local economy?

There are all kinds of local museums, libraries, festivals, and every other type of artsy locations that you could ever want to go to. There are zoos, botanical gardens, cultural museums, and more. Becoming a well-rounded citizen that has a little bit of knowledge about everything is much easier when there are so many cultural opportunities available at your fingertips. When you get bored one weekend the options are endless as to ways that you could pass the time and learn at the same time.

So next time you are thinking of a place to visit, or even a place to relocate to, keep Omaha in mind. It is a city that is clearly motivated to boost its local economy, while still providing top of the line amenities to its citizens. If a strong sense of community and high quality amenities are your thing, Omaha is the place for you.