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Trending Designs For Your Omaha Office

Are you relocating your business? If so, think about redesigning your office space before moving in. Today’s office trends have completely shifted away from the traditional cubicles.

The days are gone when CEOs and high level positions worked behind closed doors or on segregated levels of a building. A new vision that emphasizes on availability, transparency, and the dismantling of physical hierarchy has transformed office floor plans. The term ‘my door is always open’ has been taken to a whole new level with current trends.

Luckily, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Omaha has compiled an easy guide to designing an open-space floor plan for your new office location. Below are the three most important aspects for a trendy office space.


There is no one right way to design a collaboration workplace, as every office is unique to its own industry, culture, and goals. A general rule of thumb is that the collaboration area is open. Forget the private office and cubicles, they hinder your employees’ ability to collaborate with one another. Instead, you should create a space that encourages employees to share ideas and communicate effectively. Think of this area much like your living room at home or the ‘round table’ that was famed for eliminating statuses.


The socializing area should be intended for breaks only. Your employees work 8 or more hours a day and as humans it is hard to focus 8 straight hours and then producing high quality work. Having an area where employees can relax and refresh themselves for a few minutes will produce better results than employees who do not take breaks and do not have a relaxing area separate from their desks to take a break. Companies such as Google, fill their break area with napping pods, couches, pool tables, Ping-Pong tables, or other fun activities. In addition, this area can double as an eating area. Barista stations and fully equipped kitchens with healthy snack options are always a good investment.


Focus areas are generated towards individual work. Focus areas should enhance an individual’s concentration and productivity. A simple, solo workstation and computer are the only essentials that you should provide, but allow your employees room to make their individual station personalized. Although collaborating with one another can generate great results, a focus area is necessary for your employees to be able to complete individual work as well, keeping from disrupting everyone else’s individual work.

Overall, open office plans will differ according to the type of industry you are in. However, every business needs an area for collaboration, socializing, and individual areas for focusing. By keeping these three basic areas in mind, you can begin mapping out the design and look of your new Omaha office.