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Top 10 Moving Hacks for an Efficient Move

Keep Cords Organized with Toilet Paper Rolls

Moving with a bunch of cords can get messy really fast! Don’t just throw them all in one bag and pack them away in a moving box, because you will just get so frustrated trying to untangle them all. To cut down on the mess of cords, wind each cord into a coil and put each cord into its own toilet paper roll. This gives you so much more space in the box and no mess to untangle later. You can also label each roll with a sharpie. 

Create a Moving Toolbox

This moving hack from our Omaha movers will help keep you organized during the packing process. Create your own “moving toolbox,” and keep your box cutter, permanent markers, tape, screw drivers and all other packing supplies in one small box that you can take from room to room.

Tape Cords to Their Appliances

The best way to avoid playing any electronic guessing games is to tape the plug right to the appliance to which it belongs. Spend your time doing other things instead of going from electronic to electronic trying to match them with the right cord.

Color-Code Boxes

If you are investing in moving services, use this moving hack to get your money’s worth. Make it easy for your movers to put the right box in the right room by assigning a color to each room. Then, you should mark that color on the outside of the boxes. To help you or your movers even more, add the correct color label to each room’s door.

Use Towels and Blankets as Packing Products

To avoid spending a ton of money on packing products, use what you have in your house! You can use towels, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals- anything that is soft. So, don’t panic if you run out of packing paper or bubble wrap.

Keep Your Clothes in Their Drawers

Another way to save on packing products is by keeping your clothes in their drawers. Your dresser drawers are the boxes for your clothes! Our Omaha moving company allows you to keep your belongings in your drawers.

Use Garbage Bags to Move Hanging Clothes

 Don’t spend any time taking clothes off the hangers and then folding them. Grab garbage bags and pull the garbage bags up from the bottom and tie them at the top.

Wrap Liquids with Plastic Wrap

Don’t let a spill during your move destroy boxes, soak clothes and cause a huge mess. Remove all the caps on your liquids and cover the opening with clear plastic wrap and then tightly reseal the cap.

Use Rolling Suitcases for Heavy Items

Instead of being the one who gets stuck carrying the heavy box of books or getting charged for extra heavy items, put your heavy items in your suitcases. The wheels and handles make handling your heavy things so much easier.

Keep All Hardware Together

While you are disassembling furniture, put the hardware into small Ziploc bags and tape them to the back of the furniture to which it belongs. You’ll never lose any hardware again.