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7 Things You Should Have Thrown Away Yesterday

See that Walkman sitting in the corner of your garage on top of your old boom box? Unless you magically ended up in a Back to the Future film and have found yourself stuck in the 90s, then there is absolutely no reason why either one of those items should still be in your possession. Alas, the time has come to get down and dirty with a little spring cleaning. Luckily, All My Sons Moving & Storage does not want to see you on the next season of Hoarders. Because of this, we are more than happy to come help with the packing and moving of all of the unnecessary clutter in your life.

  1. Page Me. Ask yourself these questions and if you answer yes to any or all of the following, it is time to toss it. Did this computer once run on dial-up internet? Is this cell phone the same size as my face and has an antenna? Is this a beeper? Did I use this device to play my VHS tapes? You get the point.
  2. Duct Tape is Not the Answer.  If you have to duct tape any of your belongings together, then it is time to get rid of it. This includes any boots, back packs, DIY home improvements gone wrong, or failed attempts at Pinterest projects.
  3. Old Makeup. Considering most makeup has an expiration date, make sure to throw out any cosmetics that have long surpassed their shelf life. Along with adding to clutter, these outdated products carry unsafe bacteria that can cause breakouts and infections.
  4. Sponges. If envisioning your old makeup filled with bacteria wasn’t traumatizing enough, then let’s talk about your kitchen sponge. While putting bacteria-infested make up on your face is pretty gross, just think about how much worse it is to clean your plates with a dirty sponge-the same plates that you put your food on before it goes into your body. Make sure to replace them at least once per month, or better yet, every two weeks.
  5. Outdated Clothing. While it is pretty nice to think that one day you will wear those jeans from high school again, odds are, the best of their days are long gone. The time has come to toss out any old clothing reminiscent of trends that we would all like to forget. Rest in peace, scrunchie collection!
  6. Old Magazines. Filled with folded over corners that serve as a constant reminder that we never did get back to read that article, magazines have a sneaky way of slowly encroaching upon all of your free table space. Instead of collecting them, donate them to your library so they can finally get some use…other than being used as a coaster.
  7. Broken Appliances. Let’s face it, you will probably never end up fixing that toaster. Instead of adding to the broken appliance graveyard in your garage, relocate them to a new home: the trash.