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All Moving Companies are Not Created Equal

Unfortunately, not everyone is who they say they are. They may know everything about moving, they may dress like movers and act like movers, but underneath it all, they could simply not be movers.

Finding a quality mover that is right for you is hard enough without frauds posing as movers. All My Sons Moving & Storage of Omaha knows the difference between a legitimate quality mover and a rogue mover and has some information for you.

All My Sons’ professional movers want you to have a safe move, so we have put together a number of red-flags to watch out for when hiring a mover:

-          Assuming you researched several movers, you may notice that the good quality ones are in a certain price range when providing you with an estimate. And just like any service, if you are given a ‘too good to be true’ estimate, you may actually want to avoid it. An unusually low moving estimate may indicate that the company is rogue.

  • If the estimate is by size and not weight, it is invalid. If you are offered an estimate based on anything other than weight, cross that mover off your list and keep looking.
  • If the moving company does not need an on-site inspection of your items before the move, this is suspicious. How else can they provide you with the up most service and an accurate price?
  • Do not fall for the ‘cash upfront’ or any large deposit before they even move any items. This is a common move by rogue companies.  
  • The moving company must provide you with a copy of ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move’, this is required by Federal regulation.
  • If their website does not provide contact information or any signs of it being licensed or insured…stay away! You can tell a lot about a company from their website alone.
  • When you call the moving company, make sure it is not a generic answer such as ‘Movers’ or ‘Moving Company’. If the company name is never mentioned it is very suspicious.
  •  If they show up on moving day with a rental truck rather than a company owned truck, we advise that you stay clear of accepting their service.

When it comes to moving your valuable items, All My Sons of Omaha wants to make sure that you have a pleasant experience. Keeping an eye out for red-flags will allow you to be able to spot a rogue mover before you get scammed.

For further information and resources about moving companies there are several sites online that can help determine whether your moving company is legit or not. All My Sons Moving & Storage strongly suggests that you do your homework before hiring a moving company. The more information and customer reviews you can get, the better. Do not fall for a rogue company, let All My Sons Moving & Storage of Omaha help you.