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Should You Sell Your Omaha Home?

For whatever reason, you think the time might be right to sell your home. But how do you know when it’s just boredom with your existing place or when it’s time to put your home on the market? Selling your Omaha home can be an overwhelming task for some, so it’s important to know why you want to sell, what goes into the process, and if it’s what you really want for right now in your life.

Do you have an equity advantage?

For many potential sellers, the answer is probably no. With the recession and with foreclosure still plaguing many markets, the likelihood that you are afloat on your mortgage is slim. But if you are, then maybe now is the time to consider that long-awaited sale and hopefully walk away with some equity intact.

Is your house too small for you now?

It is quite likely that the house you’re in is either way too small after that 2nd or 3rd child, or after an elderly parent has moved in.  If you’re in a home that’s too small for your immediate – and future – needs, this is the time to consider the jump to something a bit larger. If you are in a financial position to move, now might be a perfect time to make room for an expanding family.

Empty nesting?

On the flip side, if your oldest child has headed off college, and you’ve realized it’s time to pack up that extra bedroom and ditch all that square footage.  Selling now and downsizing has many perks – lower costs and less cleaning and maintenance, to name a few – so go for it, and take advantage of a move that enhances your new lifestyle.

Is it right for you right now?

Competitive rates have people considering moving even if it was never a thought in the first place. List when you need to. If you really need to sell your current home for a specific reason, including job changes, divorce, children, health issues, marriage, etc., don’t try and chase the market in either direction.  When you sell and subsequently buy another house, there’s good news: if you’re selling low, then you’ll be buying low.  And if you’re selling high, well, then you’ll be buying high. It’s a wash.  Come to terms with the current market, and sell your home for its current fair-market value.