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Get Your Omaha Home Ready to Sell

The most important steps you take towards selling your home may happen well before you ever put the for sale sign in the front yard and make a call to your Omaha movers.  In fact, with a little time and preparation you may be able to set yourself up to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.  The secret is to get your home ready to put on the market by making it as attractive to buyers as possible.  Try to take a step back and see your home through their eyes.  You might be surprised at what you see.

1- Clean up

Even beautiful, well organized homes sometimes lose their sparkle after years of daily living.  Therefore, the most important step you can take to sell your home is to break out the cleaning supplies and wash and shine every surface.  Don’t forget walls, doors, and moldings.  Wash windows to bring in more natural light.  Buyers will be looking through everything, so don’t forget to straighten and clean closets, cabinets, and appliances.

2- Fix up

While you are cleaning your home from top to bottom, watch for minor repairs that need to be done.  That leaky faucet may not bother you but it is sure to bother buyers.  Patch holes in walls, replace light bulbs, and re-caulk old or cracked areas around tubs, showers, and sinks.  If buyers see small problems when they walk through your home, they may wonder if the home has not been well maintained and think that there are bigger problems hidden elsewhere.

3- De-clutter

Over time, most people collect more stuff than they realize.  Rooms and closets become packed with furniture, home goods, and knick-knacks.  While these items may be precious to you, they only serve to clutter rooms and make them look smaller to buyers.  Make your home look bigger and more inviting by clearing out the clutter.  Rent a storage unit and start the packing early. 

4- Go neutral

People’s reaction to color can be a deeply personal thing.  The bright red that you painted your living room may be inviting to you but may be off-putting to a buyer.  Make your home appeal to as many buyers as possible by taking the time to paint your walls a nice, neutral color.  Not only will this make your home more universally appealing but it can give it a fresh, clean appearance.

5- Don’t forget the curb appeal

First impressions can sometimes make or break a sale.  You’ll never get the opportunity to show off the beautiful interior of your home if you can’t get buyers out of the car and into it due to an unattractive exterior.  Start by cleaning up the landscaping: mow the lawn, weed flower beds, and trim bushes.  Make any necessary repairs to peeling paint or crooked shutters.  Plant bright blowers in planting beds and in pots. 

Remember as you are doing all of this work that a little bit of work upfront can help lead you to your ultimate goal.  That is, to sell your house quickly and for as much money as possible.  By taking the time to properly prepare your home to go on the market you may realize your dream of moving on to your next adventure in no time.