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Effectively Relocating Your Business

Not sure where or how to start planning your office move? Don’t worry, All My Sons Moving & Storage has everything you need to know about relocating your business? With over 40 years of relocating experience, All My Sons professional movers came together to combine everything they have learned about office moves over the years.

When planning an office move there are a lot more parts involved. For one, you probably have a number of employees to consider. And you must take them into consideration. You are not the only one being affected by the company’s relocation. With that being said, be sure to keep all of your employees in the loop about moving updates and possible relocation sites you are scouting. The more involved your employees feel the less office drama and stress you will have to attend to in the midst of your move.

The biggest challenge All My Sons moving specialists have seen when helping relocate companies is the issue with how your employees will adjust to their new commute. More so those who now have to travel farther or use public transportation. When choosing a job the main benefactors that are taken into consideration besides the money are how far the commute is, whether the job is conveniently located close to transit, and whether the commute will create stress or add more time to an already long work day.

After doing a little research and brainstorming the All My Sons moving company came up with a few suggestions on what to consider when relocating your office.

Ask the employees: Before you sign any paperwork or even begin your search for a new office location poll your employees on how they currently get to work and the duration of their current commute. Obviously, this is easier done with a small company but those are the perks of small businesses. Nonetheless, keep all employees in the loop and communicate any updates to them.

Explore different transit options: A simple search of the prospective locations will provide you with several transit options. You can pull general areas from which your employees are traveling from and provide these options and travel arrangements in a company update to ease everyone’s worries. To further motivate people, you can offer to help pay for public transportation passes or commuter parking lots. For those who have no choice but to drive you can offer free or discounted parking at the new location. Overall, if there is any way to make their commute easier, try doing so.

Offer flexible schedules: If an employee’s commute is worsen by the relocation consider offering them flexible work hours in order to help them avoid rush hour and work with them on coming up with the best work schedule.  As far as parking goes, let’s hope your new location has plenty to go around. Having to struggle to find parking every morning is a stress no one wants to put up with from day to day.

Although these are just a few ideas, always remember that it is how your initiate the company move that will make or break your relocating experience. Before you decide where to relocate, find out how the location of your choice will affect all of your employees and be prepared to help everyone one to terms with their new commute. As always, All My Sons of Omaha is ready to assist you with any and all moving matters. For more business moving tips visit your local All My Sons site or call a moving specialist today!