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Raising a Family in Omaha

According to multiple reputable news sources, Omaha, Nebraska is one of the top cities in the nation to raise a family, if not the highest. MSN Real Estate, Today Money, and Forbes all agree that Omaha is a safe, healthy environment that is one of the best to raise a family in. With an unemployment rate that is a fair amount below the national average, a median income that is right on par with the national average, and a strong public school system, it is no wonder why people are dubbing Omaha one of the best places to raise little ones.

As of April 2014, Omaha had a jaw dropping unemployment rate of 3.8%. That is a whole 2.5% lower than that of the national average. In a time when the national unemployment rate is above 6%, it’s a wonder how a city can maintain an unemployment rate under 4%, with the state of Nebraska’s even lower than Omaha’s. Some of the major job industries of Omaha include construction, durable goods manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, education services, and so much more. The broad job market coupled with a staggeringly low unemployment rate mean that you should find a career that is right for you without too much trouble.

The national median household income is $51,000. The median household income in Nebraska is $49,000. Being only two thousand dollars below the national income and having such a low unemployment rate is almost unheard of, and makes Omaha one of the top places to raise a family. Not to mention that the average cost for a home is about $115,000, Omaha is an extremely affordable place to raise a family. It almost seems as though Omaha is recession proof. During the recession the unemployment rate went up to 6%, while the national unemployment rate went all the way up to 10%. The reasons to live in Omaha keep getting better and better.

According to greatschools.org, Omaha’s schools as a whole have a rating of five. Ten being the best, one being the worst. Although the overall score for Omaha is average, a large percentage of the schools have a higher rating than five. Like any other city there will be some good schools and some bad schools, but overall the vast majority are rated higher than lower. You cannot overestimate the value of a strong public school system, and Omaha has exactly that. Living in Omaha has plenty to offer a family.

There are a multitude of factors that come into play when it comes time to consider bringing a little one into the world. Some people consider unemployment rate, household income, and public school systems to be a deciding factor of whether or not they want to raise a child somewhere, and Omaha has all of those benefits. There’s a reason that major news sources agree that Omaha is the one of the best places to raise a family, and it isn’t just because of the friendliness.