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Packing Electronic Equipment for an Omaha Move

You’ve packed the basic items in your house and now it’s time for your technology to be packed up. Your premier Omaha movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here with some tips on how to pack up your electronics to avoid damaging any technology along the way.

No matter what packing products you may already have, we highly recommend you start with the manual of the electronics if you still have them. Many manuals have tips in the back of the booklet which explains proper packing steps of their products.

If you do still have the manual, chances are you still have the original box of the electronic device you purchased. The best strategy to take when repacking any electronics is using the original box and the stuffing inside which it was originally packaged. After all, the boxes were made for packing and moving to the stores you purchased it from.

If your original box is not available, purchase these essential packing products or speak with your Omaha movers on how to obtain these essentials. Sturdy cartons or boxes, blank newsprint to avoid staining, packing tape, scissors and markers for labeling are the bare minimum of the essentials.

All My Sons Exclusive Tip: If you are using storage units during the big move, do research before using them for electronics. Often overlooked, high temperatures in storage units can destroy some technological devices. Be cautious with the electronics that you place in storage units.

Very Important: use packing tape and nothing else. It is called packing tape for a reason. Using scotch tape and similar products will only cause problems for you and delay your move down the road. No worse feeling than arriving, opening the back of the truck and every single box is either open or broken because you simply used the wrong tape.

Do your best to avoid unwanted attention to your most expensive and priced possessions. As your premier Omaha movers, we recommend being careful about labeling your boxes. For your most expensive pieces leave the boxes blank or mark them with a deceiving label so they are not attractive to strangers. Anything can happen, which is why it is better to be prepared before an incident occurs.

Another technology killer is exposure to dust. Dust and dirt can get into the smallest of places, especially the tiny openings of your electronics. Wrap your pieces of technology with blank newspaper, linens or clothes.  To be sure it doesn’t hurt to throw an old blanket on the boxes, plus this adds some extra cushion just in case anything falls on top of them.

Now that your electronics all boxed up and ready for placement in the moving truck there’s one more tip we highly recommend. As professional Omaha movers, we see accidents occur all the time because people do not feel extra protection is necessary for the trip to the new home. Any cushioning you can find will work to help prevent boxes from falling or as a nice cushion to catch any falling boxes. Your electronics are fragile so we urge you to take the extra minute to provide additional protection.  For more packing products, tips and advice from the professional Omaha movers visit our website at https://www.allmysons.com/omaha/index.aspx.