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Pack Your Garage and Get Ready to Move

For many people, the garage becomes a black hole of clutter, storage, and excess items that don’t really have a place to call home within your home. The garage is usually a place which is more difficult to pack than the other rooms and premises in a home because it contains items that are more oddly shaped, heavy, sharp, things not often used or not used at all. Just because it isn’t easy or ideal doesn’t mean that it can be avoided. So roll up your sleeves and get to work, it is time to pack that garage up and get to moving into a new Omaha home.

Set aside a weekend. To put it honestly, packing the garage might take a while. With that in mind, you need to prepare accordingly. Before packing a garage to move declutter. Look around what is to be thrown away, what is worn out, broken and can’t be fixed or you don’t want to bother fixing, items you are no longer using, and get rid of them! De-cluttering the garage is a crucial step to packing because you won’t simply be stuffing boxes you may or may not ever use. Everything will be packed with purpose.

Speaking of packing, before you go loading up boxes, you need to seek out the proper packing materials. You’ll need a bunch of items such as bubble wrap, boxes, packing paper, newspaper, packing peanuts, and packing tape to name a few. You can also hire a mover to pack your garage for you. If you are not sure how much and what sort of packing supplies to provide yourself with, a mover can advice you best from experience.

Once you get your supplies and tools to pack, start separating the items in the garage into specific groups. Tools go together, appliances, holiday directions, workout gear, cleaning supplies or gardening tools also can be grouped together. Don’t seal up boxes, because later on you might find something else that belongs in a particular box. This is the stressful element to garage packing: there is often misplaced stuff that needs to be grouped with like items.

For sharp items like gardening tools, be sure to wrap the sharp ends before packing so that they do not puncture and destroy the box, and you can also use rags and other protecting elements  to keep the sharp edges under wraps.

Larger items like sheds, kids’ swing sets, slides, satellite dish, dog house, tables, etc. should be dismantled before being boxed up. If this seems difficult for you, the moving company may also offer you such services. Be sure to keep screws and other items that belong with certain appliances or items grouped together to avoid losing them in the move and then having trouble reassembling items.

These are just a few tips to help you get started packing your garage. Good luck on your move and we will see you soon in Omaha!