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Omaha’s Culture and DNA

So you are new to Omaha, eh? Moving to a new city is exciting and challenging, all at once. To help you with your transition, your Omaha moving company put together a short list of things that you should know and pieces of Omaha’s culture so you can get the most out of this vibrant and stimulating city.

The Nashville of Indie Rock

Omaha’s music scene is eclectic, diverse, and indie. We do not know if it is inspired by the people, the beef, or the beer, but this city is full of concerts, new bands, and open mic nights. Omaha is often called the “Nashville of indie rock,” and for good reason. The Omaha-based indie record label giant, Saddle Creek, has spawned some of the genre’s biggest acts like Bright Eyes, Big Harp, and Azure Ray.

The world famous Maha Music Festival has called Omaha home since its inception in 2009. Each August, national and local indie artists alike, take the stage at Stinson Park. Bands like The Flaming Lips and Death Cab for Cutie have recently performed.

Beer is in Omaha’s Blood

Omaha is a town full of beer drinkers (well, beer aficionados to be precise.)  The city is home to craft breweries like Infusion Brewing Company, Lucky Bucket Brewing Co., and Borgata Brewery & Distillery. It is also home to older and more traditional breweries; including the “Big 4”: Willow Springs Distilling Company, Storz Brewing Company, Metz Brewery, and Krug Brewery. And who can forget the Anheuser-Busch Beer Depot located downtown when beer is a part of Omaha’s culture?

Once you are settled, you will have to check out Beercade. This full bar offers a wide variety of craft beers, along with, you guessed it, arcade-style games. Enjoy pinball machines and classic arcade games like Galaga, Tetris, NBA Jam, The Simpsons, and Mortal Combat.

Football Fanatics (Even Without a Pro Team)

Omaha is a big city with small town charm, so it makes sense that it hosts the College World Series. This baseball tournament is an attraction for people all over the country. The city loves its football too. But did you know that there are no professional teams in Nebraska? Not a problem for Omaha residents, just as long as they have their Huskers! The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s football team is extremely important to the city, and people get really excited about the games. So paint your face, grab a craft beer, and join in on the fun!

Where’s the Beef? In Omaha!

Omaha is famous for its food. Whether it’s Omaha Steaks or Nebraska’s agriculture (think corn), the city has its benefits when it comes to grub. Local restaurants can take their pick when crafting a menu with an abundance of fresh, locally-grown produce and meat. Steakhouses like The Drover and Gorat’s have been nationally recognized. Farmers markets are also extremely popular around the city. You might never go to the grocery store again after you try some of these freshly-picked veggies.

While you may be antsy about moving to a brand new city, you should be really excited! Omaha is a vibrant city full of friendly people. So whether you are trying out a new craft beer bar, steakhouse, market, or going to the latest concert downtown, you will definitely meet some new friends in your new hometown!