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Omaha: The Unexpected Cool City

When people think of Nebraska, they generally think of things like farmers, corn, and well… not much else. Nebraska is known as an agricultural state and it’s a large part of the local economy. But in the bigger cities in the state, such as Omaha, there is all kinds of exciting things happening. Not sure if you want to move to Omaha? Here’s a few reasons why you do!

Omaha is a young city, and for many it is reminiscent of Austin, Texas. It is affordable, there is a large live music scene, and there is a booming art scene as well. The downtown area, while spooky and empty after rush hour, is spectacular during the day. Howard St. is this really rad area full of amazing shops, boutiques, hidden alleyways and photo ops are everywhere, and buildings date back to the 1920s and 1930s.

Home to the former world’s richest man Warren Buffett and a slew of other multi-millionaires, Omaha has a high concentration of wealthy inhabitants. This means that with all the places in the country (and the world) they could afford to live, they choose to live here. There must be something good about it!

Beer is big here! From Omaha Beer Week to Beer Fest, there are festivals throughout the year devoted to Omaha’s favorite beverage. It seems like a brewery pops up every month, so you’ll never run out of new places to get some good hops. There’s also a great local spot called Beercade, which is a grownup playground featuring retro arcade games and a huge selection of craft beers. The joys of childhood, but with a bar.

Live music is huge here, and the central location of Omaha makes it a stop for many bands of all levels of fame when they go on tour. Omaha is listed frequently as a top music city in the US, and the most popular venues in the city are The Waiting Room, Slowdown, Barley Street Tavern, and Venue 51. Omaha is also home to a great music festival called Maha, which features a full day of rocking on two stages. From outstanding local acts to national independent artists, beautiful Stinson Park in the Aksarben area of the city is filled with people for this fest. Highlights of past events include Flaming Lips, Matt & Kim and Bob Mould.

Omaha is very easy to navigate, and traffic is not a problem. Ask a local how long it takes to get from any point A to any point B, and the answer will be 20 minutes. Kind of like when you order Chinese take-out and the wait time is always 10 minutes. With easy interstate access and manageable traffic (even at rush hour), it’s quick and easy to get around the entire city. Not many big cities can say the same!

The tech industry is growing at a rapid rate. Known as part of the Silicon Prairie, tech startups and entrepreneurs abound in Omaha. Check out the “Silicon Prairie News” for the latest in tech and creative in this booming sector, and if you’re entrepreneurially minded, you’ve got to go to The Big Omaha conference.

There you have it! A few reasons why Omaha is one of the top places in the nation to call home.