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Moving to Omaha: Commonly Forgotten Packing Expenses

Planning is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your moving experience. You’ll ideally want to have your moving preparations started about 3 months prior to the move in date so that you have plenty of time to deal with any obstacles that may come up. In fact, it’s almost a fact that certain moving expenses will arise that you didn’t plan for. To make moving to Omaha easier for you, our team of movers have comprised some of the more common packing expenses that people don’t think about during the moving process.


Timing of the Move

The season in which a move is made can largely affect the cost of the move. All My Sons Omaha movers typically receive the most requests for moving services during the summer, which is why the summertime is usually the most expensive time to move. For that reason, we suggest budgeting for the season so that you aren’t hit with unexpected moving expenses when you book your moving and packing services.



There are several instances where you may find yourself in need of a storage unit in Omaha. Part of why planning is so important is because things happen during a move that you didn’t prepare for, so you’ll need to go plan B or C. A prime example of when a storage unit is needed is when someone didn’t think to measure the door frames and available space in their new home. When moving to a new location, it isn’t a given that your furniture will fit into your new home the way that it did in the one you’re moving away from. If this is the case where your belongings take up more space than you anticipated, you’ll want to take advantage of a storage unit so that you have a place to put your belongings temporarily until you can figure out a long-term solution.



Moving related accidents happen all the time. Of course, following the same packing procedures that professional Omaha movers do helps to prevent some of these things happens happening, but still, they’re called accidents for a reason. Sometimes people choose to opt for a DIY move over contracting a moving company in Omaha, but they risk taking on the unexpected costs of replacing damaged goods. With All My Sons Moving & Storage, these occurrences are covered with the insurance provided in the move. When you’re moving your belongings on your own, you’re on the hook for anything that happens.


Packing Supplies

The packing supplies needed for a move is dependent on how much you’ll be moving from one residence to another, and that can be more than you realize. People don’t often take into consideration how many things they’ve collected over time and as a result, end up purchasing more packing supplies than they would like to. DIY moves aren’t free and it’s a good idea to perform a sweep of each room and what will need to be packed to factor this part of moving into your overall budget.


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