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Makeover Your Laundry Room

Considering the average American family does as many as ten loads of laundry per week, it can be assumed that a lot of time is spent in the laundry room. With that in mind, don’t you think that the laundry room should be a place that evokes feed-good vibes and a place that is set up for efficiency? Here at the Omaha local movers, we think the laundry room should be a reflection of the rest of your home, a place that keeps the same décor and aesthetic and that draws you in rather than repels you.

Big or small, there is a way you can make the laundry room you’ve been given meet your needs. By using a little bit of creativity in your decorating, you can create a laundry room you love on a budget. One of the key secrets to a laundry room you love is organization.

Making the room fully functional as a laundry room involves giving everything its own unique space. Define where the washer and dryer will go, ensure that there are hookups for the water and heat, and measure how wide and high they will come. Add a row of shelving the length of the room above the units so that you can place detergent, static sheets, fabric softener, bleach, and other products conveniently in arm’s reach. If there is space aside from the units, you can install a bar where you can hang wet clothes after they are laundered which cannot go into the dryer.

Bring a table into the room (if you have the space) as a designated area to fold clean clothes, mend anything that has a loose seam or is missing a button, and so on. The table can also be using during the holidays as a gift wrapping area. Use flood lamps over the laundry area to keep everything illuminated.

Use decorative bulbs or install a chandelier to give your laundry room an extra special look.

Bring chairs in around the table to that if your children need to ask you questions about homework, you can multitask and get some laundry done at the same time.

            Instructions for cultivating the ultimate laundry room:

Define space for washer/dryer

Surround area with drapes or decorative curtains for a softer look

Allow 1' space between curtain and appliances for fire safety

Above washer and dryer, use floodlights

Add shelving and cabinets above appliance area to take advantage of space

Use decorative baskets to organize laundry items

Create a workspace for hobbies, gift wrapping and laundry folding by adding a large table and wall cabinet

Hang decorative curtain rods above table to hold wrapping paper

Personalize the room with a chair, chandelier, pictures and rug

Use decorative bulbs in chandelier

Add lighting fixture for tabletop task lighting

Use halogen bulb for task lighting for hobbies and crafts