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The Lincoln, Nebraska Bucket List

Planning on moving to Lincoln, Nebraska soon? How about just visit? Regardless, the abundance of attractions to do in the city will leave you overwhelmed with excitement, which is the very reason why your local Lincoln movers have come up with a bucket list consisting of everything from restaurants to eat at, events to attend, places to visit and sports to take on.

  1. Pioneers Park. With almost 700 acres of woodlands and wetlands, Pioneer Park has eight miles of hiking trails that take you through the homes of animals; such as: bison, elk, and white-tailed deer herds. A staple of the Lincoln community, this is the perfect place to host your kid’s birthday parties, enroll them in nature camp, and to take them to learn about the natural environment of Lincoln once you are finished moving. On top of all of that, during summer they have nine public pools and five golf courses open for public enjoyment. Take a break from moving and take a dip in one of the pools at Pioneers Park.
  2. Lincoln Marathon. A local tradition since 1978, the Lincoln Track Club organizes the annual marathon that has grown to include thousands of runners, volunteers, sponsors and spectators. If you have recently moved to Lincoln and are looking for something that you can do in the neighborhood where you can meet people, the whole community takes part in this race. Local bands volunteer to play alongside the track in order to give extra motivation to runners as they approach the finish line at the 50-yard line of Memorial Stadium, and that runner could be you!
  3. The Dish. A favorite restaurant among the Lincoln community, The Dish features classic dishes with a twist. Some of the most popular items include: scallop bruschetta, bacon-wrapped figs, and mango duck. Trust us, even though you cross this off your bucket list, you will want to keep coming back for more!
  4. National Museum of Roller-Skating. Committed to preserving the history of roller-skating, this museum collects, preserves, and displays everything that has to do with the history of roller-skating. While visiting the museum for the first time after relocation to Lincoln, Nebraska, get ready to learn all about roller skating, experience the evolution of roller skate wheels, view a selection of nineteenth-century roller skate patents, and watch highlights of roller-skating competitions.
  5. Ivanna Cone. For those with a sweet tooth, then Ivanna Cone is a no-brainer to add to your Lincoln Bucket list. A Lincoln staple, this premium ice cream shop is known for its classic “old time” soda shop look. All of the sweets that they have to offer are made in the store, with real and freshly baked ingredients. Some of the unique flavors that they offer include the “Whimsidoodle,” which has a cotton candy flavor and is mixed with crushed vanilla wafers, nerds candies and starbursts, and the “Camp Kindle,” which has marshmallow ice cream that is mixed with strawberries, chocolate, graham crackers, pretzels and more marshmallows. If your children were not excited about moving to Lincoln, they definitely will “vanna come” back to Ivanna Cone.