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Landing Your Dream Job in Omaha

It is very nerve wracking to up and move to Omaha. There are many factors that tie into moving to Omaha, but undoubtedly the most stressful can be having to find a new job. Many new Omaha residents need to consider the job market, their experience, resume, and if there is a demand for jobs in their field in the Omaha job market. Local Omaha movers want to help you spruce up your interview game, add some shine and sparkle to your interview, and land you your dream job in Omaha.

Here are the four key components to landing your dream job in Omaha:

  1. According to a new Forbes study, 75% of top hiring managers believe that the top interview mistake that millennials make is wearing inappropriate attire to an interview. First impressions are very crucial to meeting a future employer, so plan your attire ahead of time and get a haircut a week or so before (this is not a time to experiment with a new hairstyle). Makeup and jewelry should be worn moderately. Dress should be conservative and comfortable, being clean and neat is most important. Lay out your outfit beforehand and have a backup just in case, so that you don’t have to scramble last minute and end up late to your interview. Dress for where you want to be in life, not where you are at in life.

  2. Practice with common interview questions. The internet is littered with sample interview questions and advice. Practice in front of your mirror and watch for nervous gestures and filler words, eliminate slang and other inappropriate language. Enlist the help of others to ask you questions, evaluate your answers, and lend you presentation tips.

  3. For the interview itself, arrive 10 to 15 minutes early. Make sure you know how to get to the interview. Being new to Nebraska can be confusing, and since you just moved to Omaha, you will want to map out the drive before and know where to park. Arrive prepared with a pen, notebook, and an extra copy of your resume. Take deep breaths to calm your nerves and offer the interviewer a firm handshake, make and maintain eye contact. Make sure you know their name beforehand. Be friendly and professional and answer all questions to the best of your ability. At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for the time spent with you and inquire as to when you should be expecting to hear a decision.

  4. Follow up the interview. Omaha movers suggest that as soon as you get back to your new Omaha home, jot down some key points from the interview, such as the interviewer’s name, some of the questions they asked you, and how you answered those questions. Make notes to practice for future interviews. Send an email or letter to the interviewer, use good quality paper and proper language, and thank them again for their time spent. Omaha movers have an even better idea for making a lasting impression: send them a ‘thank you’ card in the mail – old school style. This will make you stand out from all of the other candidates, even if you did not get the job.

Succeeding in job interviews takes a lot of practice, research, and persistence. The more effort you put in, the more success you will see in obtaining job offers after you move to Omaha. All My Sons of Omaha knows that if you follow the tips above that you will be successful in landing your dream job here in Omaha.