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How to Pack Furniture When Moving to Omaha

Moving furniture is the foundation of the entire moving process. It’s the first thing we think about when we move and it’s usually the most difficult part of the moving process; especially if you’re moving pianos and other high-end items. Moving to Omaha is going to require you to move your furniture as well as invest in some high quality moving products.

All My Sons Moving & Storage of Omaha has you covered! Here are a few of the tips and techniques our Omaha movers use every day to pack furniture.

  1. Invest in The Right Packing Products

    Moving furniture breaks down into two very important aspects which is the safety of the item and the ease with which you move it.

    Finding the right packing products to move furniture will promote the safety of the item and make it easier for you or the professional movers to pack.

    Once you’ve made up your mind and you’re moving to Omaha, purchase these three packing products for your furniture:

    Moving Dolly

    Moving Blankets

    Bubble Wrap

    The moving dolly will make your moving experience much easier while the bubble wrap and moving blankets will protect your items while you pack them and while they are in transit.

  2. Disassemble Everything

    Though it may be tempting to keep your furniture intact when you move, it’s not the best option. Disassemble as much of your furniture as you can before you pack it.

    This will make moving to Omaha much easier while ensuring that your furniture isn’t damaged in the process. Use a plastic bag to keep all the screws for each piece of furniture together and tape that bag to the furniture when you pack it. Additionally, use construction tape to mark piece which will make assembly easier after moving to Omaha.

  3. Bubble Wrap as Much as You Can! (But Don’t Overdo it)

    As mention in the packing products list: bubble wrap and plastic sheets are essential when packing furniture. Bubble wrap should be used on all wooden and glass furniture.

    But be careful and don’t overdo it! It may be tempting to warp delicate items in bubble wrap repeatedly, but this is counterproductive. Any furniture over wrapped in bubble wrap will experience more stress from items leaning on them during transit. Surprisingly, you may increase the chance of breaking or bending your furniture if you use too much bubble wrap.

    At most, use one layer of bubble wrap when you pack your furniture.

  4. Packing Is Like Tetris

Finally, packing furniture into a moving truck or van is the last but equally important part of the furniture packing process. But believe us, it’s quite easy.

Move the large, items furniture to the back of the moving truck and the heavy furniture to the bottom. Use moving blankets on these items to ensure that no corners from book shelfs or mirrors dig into your plush furniture (couches and mattresses).

To order packing products for moving furniture, call All My Sons Moving & Storage Omaha today: (402) 972-4606.