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How to Host a Successful Open House

Selling your home is a big project. While you’re busy looking for the perfect place in your new city, you also have the burden of trying to sell your current home, which can take months. Most people are eager to sell their homes, but aren’t sure how to find interested buyers. One way to let locals know your house is on the market is to host an open house.

The goal of hosting an open house is to invite potential buyers in to look around, and increase the likelihood of selling. You’ll want to make sure you’ve created a clean, organized, and inviting atmosphere for your guests. Don’t be discouraged – this is an easy process if you follow these tips from the Bellevue moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage  

Preparation for an open house

Nebraska’s Bellevue moving company says the number one key to a successful open house is a clean house. A messy, cluttered, unorganized home will quickly turn potential buyers away. Not to mention, rooms that are jam packed tend to look and feel smaller. You can arrange your home so that the rooms look spacious and comfortable. Make sure your furniture is arranged in a way that allows a natural flow from room to room. Pick up all items off the floor. Clean your entire house. Open all doors, and allow plenty of light and fresh air in.

Finding the right time

The goal of an open house is to invite traffic toward your home, so finding the right time is important. An open house held on a Monday morning will inevitably be much less successful than one held on a Sunday afternoon. Almost all open houses are held on weekend afternoons; mostly on Sundays, between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.  This is a perfect window of time for those that are out for a stroll, or running errands about town. Hosting your open house during the optimal hours will likely attract more serious shoppers who are more likely to give your house greater consideration.

Be Ready for Questions

You are not ready to host an open house until you can answer every single question about your home. Interested buyers need to know the facts of your home. If you are prepared to answer all questions, then you will be giving customers the information they need to make important decisions. Keep in mind some questions might upset you, like questions about style, paint colors, or other personal choices you have made in your home. Remembering that you aren’t going to be living there any more will help you answer those types of questions professionally without seeming offended and turning off someone who would have been serious about purchasing your home.

Provide Refreshments

Having refreshments available at your open house is the easiest way to convince people to stay longer. This eliminates the need for people to leave due to hunger or thirst. It allows them to stay in the house longer and maybe sway their decision toward a buy.  If your open house is planned for a warm day, plan to have bottles of water on hand that visitors can sip on while they walk through your home. Placing goodies in your kitchen or at the end of the tour will make a stopping point for visitors where you can have a little bit of extra time to discuss the home and maybe even secure a deal.

Once you host a successful open house, call your Bellevue moving company to get started on your move.