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Throwing a House Warming Party in Your Bellevue Home

If you are moving to Bellevue this spring, you sure are lucky! Not only are you moving to a wonderful city full of friendly people and exciting opportunities, but you are moving during a great time of year. You missed (or should we say dodged) the snowy winter, but you made it just in time to watch the flowers bloom. Good work! To celebrate, you may want to throw a little house warming party. Your Bellevue moving company thinks that a housewarming party is the best way to meet new neighbors and introduce your family to people you've met around town.

The guests. It can be tough deciding who to invite if you do not know a ton of people in Bellevue. But trust us when we say that folks in town are some of the nicest people you will come across. First, start by inviting your neighbors. If you have children, decide if this will be an adults-only event or not. It may be nice to have kids come, so they can meet some neighborhood friends. If you are new in town, you may not even have a babysitter, so making your housewarming party kid friendly could be a must, and it is a great way to invite the kids and parents from the neighborhood. Next, try inviting some new co-workers. Encourage them to bring their spouse (and potentially children). It is a great idea to form bonds with those who you work with, to feel more connected to Bellevue. You may want to print some simple invitations from somewhere online, so that everyone has your address, directions and phone number.

The décor. Your home has never looked worse than when you first move in. Everyone knows it, so do not stress over it. Organize and clean the rooms where you will be entertaining (likely the family room, dining room and kitchen), and give yourself a break with the rest of your home. All of your decorations may not be up at this point, but try and have your curtains up, because they make a big difference! If you are looking for a little something else, buy some candles to warm up the room and remember to have a good playlist going.

The food. There is no need to try and outdo yourself with a housewarming party. Simple foods that do not need a lot of preparation will allow you to enjoy the party, meet new people, and have genuine conversations without having to worry if something is burning. Finger foods are key, because they allow people to nosh and chitchat at the same time. While a sit-down dinner is nice, this may not be the best option, especially if you are trying to get to know several people. Foods like little sandwiches, dips, pigs in a blanket, baby quiches, shish kabobs and cheese and crackers are all perfect, and they will go right along with the spring season. And there is nothing like some cold beers to loosen guests up a bit. Just so you know, beer might be the key to every Nebraskan’s heart.

A housewarming party is a great way for the entire family to get adjusted and feel a bit more comfortable in Bellevue. Your Bellevue moving company knows that you will meet people that will make you feel right at home.