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Decorating for the Holidays in Your New Home

If you have recently moved to Omaha and are in the midst of turning your new house into your forever home, decorating for the holidays can help you accomplish just that. Continue making your family feel more at home, by surrounding them with fun holiday décor and sentimental pieces that bring back fond memories of holidays past. To help you begin your holiday decorating in your new home, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Omaha has some great holiday decorating ideas that are sure to turn your new home into an impressive winter wonderland.

Vintage Holiday Banners – Pick one up at your local home goods store or make one yourself. Stringing a holiday banner with a cheerful saying across your mantle is a great way to remind family and guests of the holiday season. Glam up the letters of the banner with gold or silver glitter to make it pop.

Contemporary Ornament Wall – Create a unique holiday display after moving to Omaha and make an ornament wall that is sure to impress the neighbors. Tie round ornaments to a piece of ribbon two inches apart and staple it to your wall. Repeat this process until you have several pieces of ornament adorned ribbons hanging side by side.

Christmas Candy Display – Use clear apothecary jars to display holiday candy, such as candy canes and peppermints around your home. Omaha movers suggest sticking to red and white candy to bring a Christmas theme together and add to your home’s holiday décor.

Pinecone Wreath – After you move to Omaha, head outside with your family to enjoy the great outdoors and pick up some additions for your front door wreath along the way. Add pinecones and dried berries to your entrance décor to include natural elements that are also meaningful.

Hot Chocolate Bar – Place seasonal holiday cups, hot cocoa packets, miniature marshmallows, red and green coffee stirrers and festive beverage napkins on a table and leave it out throughout the holiday season. The display will look inviting to guests and encourage them to make themselves a warm cup of delicious hot chocolate. Spruce up your hot chocolate bar with a miniature Christmas tree and poinsettias to make the setup look even more beautiful.

Super-sized Advent Christmas Calendar – Continue your family’s tradition after moving to Omaha, but super-size it this year! Stencil large numbers onto brown paper bags to create a life-size advent calendar. Place fun treats or toys in each bag to make your kids excited about their first Christmas in Omaha.

Holiday Throw Pillows – Give your couch and beds in your home a holiday twist by adding holiday pillows to the mix. If you’re moving to Omaha during the holiday season, plan on placing red and green or plaid pillows on your couch and sitting chairs once your furniture arrives.

Ornament Centerpiece – If you have leftover ornaments after decorating your Christmas tree, polish them and place them in a wide bowl to use as a centerpiece on your dining room table.