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What Kind of Beverages Should You Have at Your Housewarming Party?

When throwing a housewarming party after your move, the hardest part can be trying to decide how much of everything you need. How much food should you buy? How many invitations should you send? How much do you have to decorate for the party? Luckily, your local Omaha movers have at least one of those questions answered for you – which party drinks you should serve and how much you will need. This guide makes deciding how many alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks to have on hand at your party much easier. Moving can be stressful and this list will make your life so much easier, your Omaha moving company will still be unloading all of your boxes by the time you move onto buying the food!

Wine and Beer.

Deciding what kind of alcohol you want to serve depends on the type of housewarming party you want to throw. If you are tired from moving to Omaha and plan on having a more casual get-together, then most people decide to only serve a variety of nonalcoholic drinks, along with beer and wine. Not only will this provide more than enough drink options for your guests, it will also make your party planning experience much easier. Some beverages to remember to have on hand are: white wine, red wine, beer, soft drinks, mineral water and bottled water.

Full Bar.

For a larger housewarming party that is at night, you will most likely want to opt for having a full bar. If you are aiming to be the ‘hostess with the mostess’, who is not at all phased by recently relocating, you will want to make sure that you have the basic mixers and accents, along with the tools and glassware you will need in order to make your guests’ favorite cocktails. When shopping, make sure to pick up red wine, white wine, beer, bourbon, gin, rum, scotch, tequila, vodka, soft drinks, tonic, club soda, cranberry juice, orange juice, mineral water and bottled water.

How Much?

Now that you have decided what kind of alcohol you need to buy, the next step is to figure out exactly how much you will need. As a general rule, you should expect one alcoholic beverage per guest per hour. If you are unsure about which drinks each guest will want, then it is best to buy some extra amounts of each type. The last thing you want is to not have the right ingredients to make your new neighbors’ drinks!

Party Supplies.

Omaha movers know that it can be difficult remembering what you have and don’t have still packed up in boxes. Try to see if you already have party supplies; otherwise, make sure that your purchase enough garnishes, glasses, napkins and ice for your Omaha housewarming party! When determining how much ice to buy, a good rule of thumb to go by is to buy 1 ½ pounds of ice per party guest. When it comes to glassware, you should make sure to have 16 glasses on hand, per every six guests. If you want to make sure that none of your glasses end up disappearing, offer your guests wine and cocktail tags so that they can remember which glass was theirs.