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10 Times Omaha Was the Most Affordable Big City to Move to

Did you know that Omaha is one of the most affordable big cities to live in? With a solid economy, affordable homes, and short average commute time, it comes as to no surprise why Omaha movers have no trouble staying busy.

Along with consistently reminding us why Omaha is one of the most affordable big cities, the Gateway to the West shows us how this translates into meaning Omaha is one of the best big cities period with an ever-growing (inexpensive) foodie scene.

But then again, when you have the manifestation of business success as your city’s guardian angel, then having a sound economy should come to the surprise of no one. If Omaha is good enough for Warren Buffet to call home, then it’s good enough for us too.

Thinking of pulling the trigger on using your Omaha moving company, but need to see some proof? Then check out this list from All My Sons Moving & Storage of the 10 times Omaha was the most affordable big city to move to.

  1. Omaha has a median house price of $130,700, and an average rental price of $663, totaling to an average cost of living index score that is 12 points below the national average.
  2. The average cost per gallon of gas is $1.87, and the cost of a monthly transit pass is $55. With an average commute time of 20 minutes, having to get anywhere once your Omaha moving company drops you off will not break the bank.
  3. There is a ready supply of affordable housing for business professionals; Omaha has recently experienced a surge of condo construction along the Missouri River.
  4. You can get delicious meals that foodies would pay big bucks for in other rivaling big cities. Known for their surplus of “farm-to-table-street food” restaurants, head to Block 16 for an $8 prime rib sandwich and a $6.50 plate of French fries topped with duck confit. Just remember to save some for your Omaha movers!
  5. The overall cost of living in Omaha is 12.8 % below the national average.
  6. Omaha movers will be the first to tell you about all of the free things there are to do in your new hometown, such as heading to one of the 155 nearby public libraries and museums. Considering the national average of libraries and museums is only 56, we doubt you will run out of things to do.
  7. A six-pack of Heineken in Omaha is $7.43, cheaper than it would be in 99.3% of places.
  8. Housing costs fall 18.8% below the national average.
  9. Once you use your local Omaha moving company, you definitely will not have to worry about where you’re next paycheck will be coming from. Omaha’s rate of unemployment is 2.7%, with the national rate coming in at 4.9%.
  10. As you will quickly find out, everything is affordable with a big enough salary; the median pay for college-educated workers comes in at $51,400.