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Why People are Moving to Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City has so much to offer. Discover your new city with your expert movers.


Kevin Durant and cowboys may be among the first things that come to mind when you think of Oklahoma City. This city offers much more than the OKC Thunder and plentiful western culture, though. According to a recent study by the United Van Lines, Oklahoma is one of the top states that people are moving to.

New York City and Chicago gain the most attention for being vibrant, metropolitan areas. When you move to Oklahoma City, though, you will see that it’s catching up quickly. Our Oklahoma City movers witness varieties of people drawn to this eclectic city for a variety of reasons, maybe even more appealing than a good basketball team or the ability to buy a pair of snake-skin boots everywhere you go.

Though remnants of this cow-herding, lasso-twirling culture continue to speckle the area with shops and festivals, the city has started experiencing an increase in urbanization. Further development has gone into creating a diverse metropolitan refuge which young people have started moving to recently.

While anyone can experience a cosmopolitan lifestyle in NYC or Chicago, such places come with pitfalls—congestion, uncleanliness, and even occasional, less-than-cheery residents. That’s why people and younger generations are so drawn to OKC; it contains all the perks of a booming metropolis on a much more spread out scale, filled with welcoming residents who won’t bump shoulders with you on the sidewalk. Instead of jostling through crowded NYC streets to grab lunch at a crowded and overpriced eatery, people are choosing to drive through the wide OKC streets to grab a bite at either the local BBQ place or trendy restaurant.

That’s what makes OKC such a unique place to live in, as well. Its mixture of traditional and modern culture has something for everyone to appreciate.

Additionally, the city boasts a cost of living which is lower than the national average and a greater value than in other metros. While this is a great area for a young family or a young professional just starting out, it still attracts many established workers and families. Young adults have started migrating here due to increased career opportunities, too.

Our Oklahoma City movers say that OKC also showcases all four seasons in full force. If you’re the kind of person who appreciates a blistering winter and a sweltering summer, then join the club and move to Oklahoma City.

There is also plenty of entertainment offered in the city both for the growing wave of young adults surging through the city and for the families established in the area. A night out could include a trip to a chic restaurant followed by a visit to a cowboy museum. Oklahoma City also has the notable Festival of the Arts, drawing all young and old.

So, whether you choose to don a cowboy hat or a briefcase, or maybe even both, this evolving metro has so much to offer you when you decide to move to Oklahoma City.