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What to Ask Your Professional Movers

There are many moving companies in the sea. Fish for the right one with these questions, and reel in a winner.

The internet has its pros and cons. Pro: there are so many moving services to choose from. Con: there are so many moving services to choose from. A simple google search opens up a plethora of moving options for you to consider, but not all of them are sound.

Since the amount of options is overwhelming, here are the Oklahoma City long-distance movers’ top moving questions to ask your company before making your move to Oklahoma City.


Are you licensed?

Ask this before considering a company any further and before asking any other moving questions. All reliable, trustworthy providers will have a proper license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation which you can confirm online. This licensing ensures that you’re dealing with moving professionals like All My Sons Oklahoma City, rather than amateurs.


What’s your background?

This should be the next question on your list. For instance, if you’re making a long-distance move, companies who only transport residents locally should be crossed off of your list of options. Fortunately, the Oklahoma City long-distance movers have a background of various moves, local and national.

Also, check to see if the company you’re looking into does residential moving services or if they also do family home services. It would be disappointing to hire a provider only to find out that they won’t be able to assist you in your office move.


Do you have any reviews?

This question can be answered by a quick scan of sites like Movers.com, where customers document their moving experiences with various companies. Check and see if your chosen moving company has a positive history with its clients. Oftentimes, you can be led astray by biased reviews in both directions, so do a broad sweep to get a clear picture of what the truth is.


Is this quote binding?

There have been numerous moving horror stories caused by not asking this integral question. Imagine completing your move, feeling relieved that everything went smoothly, only to realize that the price you received from your company initially had doubled overnight. Avoid this by asking your company if the quote they’re giving you is binding, meaning that it is unable to skyrocket in a mere few hours.


What specific services do you provide?

Many companies offer unique, specialized moving services for their clients. Things like this include packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading services. All My Sons provides clients with all of these services. They also use provided quality material to pack your products in to ensure their safe arrival after your move to Oklahoma City.

There are many other moving questions to ask your movers before deciding to hire them. Skip this process, though, and go with your All My Sons OKC movers. The experts are proven to provide every client with an exemplary and reviewable moving experience.