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What Items are Best Left for Moving Companies in Oklahoma City

You’re making a move, but the only thing on your mind is getting everything packed up and ready for the movers on moving day. Well you may want to consider holding off on packing everything because some things are better off left to the packing services experts at All My Sons Moving & Storage, your premier moving company in Oklahoma City.

So, the question is, what shouldn’t I pack myself?





China Cabinets

Pool Table


Your premier moving company in Oklahoma City is here to tell you why.

Your artwork for starters is one of the most delicate possessions you own. Extremely fragile items like this have such a low probability of making the move without any harm unless the use of professional packing services is used. Let’s be honest, do you want that valuable piece of artwork that you invested so much money in to be completely ruined and devalued because you improperly moved it across town? Put that valuable piece of artwork in the hands of professionals to ensure a safe move for your favorite artwork.

Antiques. Are you really considering throwing your old fragile, family heirlooms in a typical moving box? How would your great, great, great grandfather feel if you treated his prized possession with so much carelessness. Let’s all do your great grandfather a favor and professionally take care of those priceless possessions with some professional packing services and a safe escort to their new location.

Electronics, you may be thinking, “no I can move those myself”. Well, yes you can. Your laptop, tablet and other small electronics are perfectly fine making the move how you choose. However, your large electronics like, large televisions, stereos/surround sound and other high-quality electronics need proper removal, packing services, and delivery. Many large televisions are sensitive to the extreme change in temperature from air conditioning to outside heat and ambient lighting. Drastic packing procedures need to be taken to provide a safe move for these large high-quality electronics.

Pool table. The important part of packing a pool table is the proper disassembly of the table itself. Professional packing services from your premier moving company in Oklahoma City have the experience necessary to properly disassemble the table and pack it without any problems. Of course, the actual packing of the separate pieces is very easy, but not many people have the necessary experience to properly take the table apart piece by piece and reassemble once safely in its new location.

Aquariums. One of the biggest challenges for an individual when moving is how do I pack up my fish and aquarium for the big move.  Not only should you consider the safety of the fish, but you must consider the safety of water plants, decorations, and any accessories you have for your glass tank, which is another consideration for proper packing of the glass tank. Luckily, the All My Sons Moving & Storage, your premier moving company in Oklahoma City has the professional packing services and experience to safely pack up every element of your aquarium. You will have nothing to worry about when you fish safely arrive to your new home.


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