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Weekly Moving Checklist You Never Knew You Needed

While the thought of having to move to a new city will usually incite feelings of anxiety and stress, there is a better way!

Your Oklahoma City movers have been relocating families for over 20 years, and as a result have picked up some tips along the way regarding how to make your move much more manageable. Turn your move into a week-by-week process, and watch how much less intimidating your move magically gets!

Get ready for the most stress-free move you will ever have; simply keep this weekly moving checklist you never knew you needed on hand.

12 Weeks. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to create a file to hold all of the details of your move. This can include restaurants to try once you get to town, moving estimates, receipts for moving expenses, and a map of Oklahoma City. You should also make time to interview potential Oklahoma City movers, and to review your moving budget.

10 Weeks. Perhaps one of the most important things on your moving checklist, make sure that your children know about the move so that they have time to process it and to say goodbye to their friends. At the 10 week mark, you should also choose an Oklahoma moving company that you can trust to safely relocate all of your belongings.

8 Weeks. Use the floor plan of your new home to decide which pieces of furniture you want your Oklahoma City movers to bring to your new home. The last thing that you want to deal with is having your Oklahoma City moving company bring extra belongings, only to have them end up sitting in the garage because there is no room for them.

6 Weeks. For those who have pets, you want to make sure that you remember to add making a last appointment with your veterinarian to your moving checklist. Additionally, talk to your insurance agent in order to discuss transferring coverage to your new home. This is also when you should finalize which items you need to move with you, whether it is jewelry or items from your safe.

4 Weeks. At this point in time, you need to make arrangements with your children’s school in order to have all of their school records transferred, arrange connection and disconnection dates with utilities in both homes, and notify every one of your change of address.

2 Weeks. Before your Oklahoma moving company arrives for moving day, hold a garage sale in order to get rid of any unwanted items. You also need to go to the bank in the event that you need to close or transfer any accounts.

Day of. Now that your Oklahoma City movers are finally here to take you and your family to your new home, double-check your moving checklist in order to ensure that you have not forgotten any details. After you have done that, put any personal belongings that you are not sending with All My Sons Moving & Storage safely in your car; that way you will make sure that you do not forget anything. For brownie points (literally), have a snack and refreshments ready for your Oklahoma City moving company – trust us, they will love it!