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Top Oklahoma City Neighborhoods for Families and Singles

Perhaps the best part about moving to Oklahoma City is the fact that the OKC has a broad variety of excellent neighborhoods to live in. However, each neighborhood has unique features and different things to offer people who are in different situations. Some neighborhoods may be better for singles and some may be more suitable for families. No matter the case, Oklahoma City movers want to make sure that you are selecting one of the best neighborhoods, suitable for your specific needs, which is why the movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have created a guide to the top Oklahoma City neighborhoods for families and singles.


Top Oklahoma City Neighborhoods for Families and Singles infographic


Plaza District. Plaza District is the perfect neighborhood in the OKC for newlyweds and modern singles. Millennials tend to love the Plaza District and its evolving developments. Over the past 15 years, Plaza District has seen millions of dollars in renovations in order to make the area more attractive for millennials and hip young singles who are looking for a great crowd, nightlife, and cultural scene.

Bricktown. Another great place for young singles and young professionals, Bricktown is a top Oklahoma City neighborhood for singles due to its strong entertainment presence with the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team, as well as numerous things to do.

Deep Deuce. Deep Deuce makes our list of top Oklahoma City neighborhoods for singles who are on more of a budget. With an up-and-coming area that continues to see improvements, Deep Deuce has more of an urban crowd and atmosphere, coupled with a large jazz presence and influence.

Automobile Alley. One of the most popular neighborhoods in all of OKC, Automobile Alley is a hot spot for young professionals and millennials who are looking for a rich nightlife, great food, great bars, and great parties. Every month, the neighborhood hosts the Auto Alley Shop Hop – a huge neighborhood party. Automobile Alley is the absolute best neighborhood in Oklahoma City to move to if you are looking to make friends and meet other young professionals.

Crown Heights - Edgemere Heights. This neighborhood tops the list of Oklahoma City neighborhoods specifically for families. If you have a family and you live in Oklahoma or are moving to Oklahoma, this is the one neighborhood that everyone wants and strives to live in. Known as an upper class family, posh neighborhood in uptown OKC, Crown Heights – Edgemere Heights is beautiful and notably clean. Perhaps the friendliest neighborhood in Oklahoma City, each year, hundreds of residents gather for the annual Fourth of July Parade and Picnic; and since everyone in the neighborhood knows each other, it is a grand celebration.