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Need to Know Tips for Your Home’s Siding

The siding on your home withstands a lot—sun, rain, storms, and general wear & tear. As a homeowner, there are some things that you need to know to maintain your siding and ensure that your home stays protected from the elements. The Oklahoma City local movers have a few tips on siding and how you can make yours last—or if it’s time to replace it.

Re-siding your home can be a good investment if the existing siding is run down and looking pretty old. Power washing can only do so much! Re-siding your home also ups the value because it gives the exterior of your house a facelift like effect. It can be a great investment, bringing almost 25 percent more ROI that adding a garage and 15 percent more ROI than adding a seconf floor. Remarkable!

If the siding is deteriorating, sagging, cracking, blistering or losing color in some areas, it is probably time to swap it for newer siding. Vinyl siding ages, and in that process pieces might become loose or even fall off of your home. Considering the sun alters the color day after day of being outdoors, the odds of finding a replacement siding panel that matches the other panels perfectly is a difficult to impossible feat.

The trim and the soffit areas of siding are the most vulnerable to warping, and they are high-exposure parts of the siding that will likely first show wear and weathering. Siding materials have varying life spans, and the effort and cost of maintaining siding can sometimes be outweighed by the cost of installing brand new siding.

If your home is looking run down to you, it’s definitely looking that way to others that pass by as well. Re-siding can be an easy way to boost the appeal of your house and to give it a modern look. Fiber cement siding lasts longer than vinyl siding, but it is more expensive. Depending on how attentive to want to be to cleaning the siding, you should pick the material that is cohesive with your lifestyle and your cleaning/landscaping habits.

Unlike vinyl, fiber cement is resistant to minor impact and will retain its appearance for a long time, causing for less frequent replacement. There are a variety of styles too, from boards that resemble wood to panels that look more like stucco, giving homeowners a wide range of styles to choose between when updating their home’s exterior. Siding, like most other things on the market, continues to evolve and new alternatives to traditional methods are increasingly available.

Keep in mind that where you live has a huge influence on the longevity of siding. Weather plays a significant role in the wearing down of home siding, and your region likely has a material and style that works best and will withstand local weather better than other products would in different regions. A siding professional should be able to help guide you to the right product.

Best of luck on your siding search—once complete, new siding is an easy way to make your old home feel new again!