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The Best Outdoor Activities in OKC

Before you relocate to the marvelous town of Oklahoma City, you should become more familiar with our exciting activities. The dedicated Oklahoma City movers have created a list of the best outdoor activities in OKC. There is an activity that is sure to appeal to all types of residents. No matter if you want to spend the day throwing axes or take a stroll immersed in nature. Oklahoma City has many entertainment venues for you to explore after you relocate. 


Outdoor Adventures in Oklahoma

1. Bad Axe Throwing: Visit the Oklahoma City location of the world's largest urban ax-throwing club. While at Bad Axe Throwing, you can expect to feel all the thrills of a traditional Canadian backyard pastime. Work with an ax-throwing coach to find your inner passion for throwing axes.

2. Lake Hefner: Lake Hefner is a reservoir in Northwestern OKC. It was built in 1947 to expand the water supply for the city. Lake Hefner got its name from Robert Hefner, who was once our Mayor from 1939-1947. Though you can’t swim in Lake Hefner, you can enjoy the beautiful view and the lighthouse.

3. Martin Park Nature Center: Enjoy some quiet time surrounded by nature at Martin Park Nature Center. This park is full of trails, woods and grasslands. You will also have access to amenities, such as a playground and a nature center.

4. Orr Family Farm: An excellent family-friendly place in OKC is Orr Family Farm. In 2004 it was created on the premise of love and family. Orr Family Farm features a petting zoo and a great place to explore! This is one of the best outdoor activities in OKC due to their rides and attractions for people and children of all ages.

5. Myriad Botanical Gardens: This is a 17-acre botanical garden and interactive urban park located in downtown Oklahoma City. There are multiple levels of heavily landscaped areas that surround a sunken lake. The main attraction is the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory that stands at 224 feet tall. There is also a living plant museum that has a tropical feel with a waterfall and exotic animals.

6. Route 66 Park: You can visit the 148 acres of ponds and trails at Route 66 park for a beautiful nature view. The observation tower provides stellar views of the lake! Enjoy some fishing and a walkable version of the historic highway.

7. Wheeler Ferris Wheel: Take a ride for some breathtaking views of OKC on the Wheeler Ferris Wheel. The 100-foot high Ferris wheel was relocated from the Santa Monica Pier and is now on a riverfront plaza. The Riverfront Plaza is also an excellent place to explore various shops and immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere.

8. Perle Mesta Park: Spend some time in a historic setting at Perle Mesta Park. Perle Mesta Park is a designated Historic Preservation District that was founded in 1975 by the City of Oklahoma. The original homes were sold in complete units or pieces in 1976 to make room for the park.

9. Summit Climbing Yoga and Fitness- OKC Silos: If you are into fitness and are looking to spend the day outside being physical, Summit Climbing Yoga and Fitness is the best outdoor activity for you! Enjoy a 90-foot tall rock climbing gym and other full-body workouts.


The Oklahoma City residential movers are glad you have decided to move to OKC! Trust not only with our professional Oklahoma City packing services to help you and your family unpack from your move, but also to share the best outdoor activities in OKC. Contact us today to set up your relocation plan, and we’ll treat your family like ours!