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Simple Ways to Make Your Living Room Comfortable


After a move, you have the opportunity to organize your home and decorate it however you want! The key to decorating is to make your home a place where you’re happy to spend so much of your time in and make it feel inviting when guests come over. The Oklahoma City movers share a few of the ways to make your living room comfortable in your new home.


Arrange Your Seat Options

How you arrange your sofa, chairs, and other seating options makes a big difference in the flow of the room and influences how it will be used.


Sofa Styles & Shapes

Choosing which couch style you want in your home can be a tricky decision. You could opt for the standard sofa, an L-shape, U-shape or you might only have space for a loveseat. Our Oklahoma City long-distance movers advise you to consider how many guests you expect to have in your home and then choose the shape that best suits your needs. There are so many styles to choose from, including the trending midcentury styles all over lifestyle blogs and social media. You want your guests to be as comfortable as possible, so make sure you choose a fabric that is soft but durable as well, especially if you like to enjoy some snacks while entertaining.


Additional Seating

To ensure you have enough seating for your new friends in Oklahoma City, add some additional chairs in other corners of the room or directly opposite the couch. A unique armchair can be both beautiful and functional, an enormous beanbag chair adds an element of fun, and a reclining chair is the ultimate in comfort. Velvet and suede chairs instantly make a room feel more luxurious. You can mix and match different styles and materials to add dimension to the space. Though there are beautiful chairs, they may lack the comfort you’re looking for while some of the most comfortable chairs might not be your style or may be too big for the space you have. Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for chairs. Give them a test drive and measure them before you settle on the styles you want to add to your home.


Cozy It Up with Pillows and Blankets

Our Oklahoma City residential movers know selecting accessories for your new house can be challenging but remember there is no right way to beautify your home. Accent pillows and blankets are simple but effective ways to make your living room comfortable and cozy. Pillows add extra back support when you’re sitting on the couch or a soft place to lay your head when you’re taking a cat nap on the sofa. Blankets are notoriously cozy – who hasn’t dreamt of curling up on the couch with a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate to read or watch a movie?! Stocking up on pillows and fluffy blankets in different colors and prints, especially seasonal ones, is a great way to make you and your guests feel relaxed. Set a basket of blankets near your living room couch or in the closet of your guest room to make them easily accessible so you won’t have to hunt for them when you really need one


Soothing Scents

Our senses are often associated with memories of a time, place, or person. When your home smells nice, people will remember it when they come across that scent elsewhere. Candles and oil diffusers do an excellent job dispersing a pleasing aroma throughout your house when placed in strategic spots. Popular scents include cinnamon, fresh linen, florals, and citrus. The cleaning products you use also contribute to the overall scent of your house. To keep your house from smelling like some of the food you cook, open windows and turn on the exhaust fan to help those smells dissipate. Once you’re done cooking, clean the kitchen and light a candle to restore the soothing scents. Of course, baking is the exception because the flavors in baked goods are actually the scents most people enjoy such as cinnamon and citrus. If all else fails, bake a batch of cookies before people come over!


Before you start thinking about all the ways to make your living room comfortable, contact our reliable moving team to learn more about our wide range of services to help you move to Oklahoma City!