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Repurpose Your Cardboard Boxes

Moving to your new Oklahoma City home was a bit stressful. After packing and unpacking an entire house with several family members’ belongings, you probably have found yourself with dozens of empty cardboard boxes. The easy thing to do would be to throw them away, but that gives you a nagging feeling of guilt. There has to be a greener way, or at least a way to reuse those bad boys. Your Oklahoma City packing and moving specialists are cardboard box experts. We can give you some hints if you are looking to give your moving boxes a second chance.

Your kids will have a ball. There is not much else that can make a kid smile like building a fort; and cardboard boxes may be the best materials for them to use. Boxes are already pretty “fort-like.” They are durable, kids can color on them, and it is okay if they get bent-out-of-shape or ripped. Bring some of your boxes down to the basement or in the kid’s playroom and let them have some fun. They can color on them to create doors and artwork on the walls, and you can even help them cut out windows with a box cutter. You can also tape several boxes together to create a tunnel for them to crawl through. Your children will have days of fun in their new forts.

Another move. You may know someone in Oklahoma City that is going to move. This will be the perfect time to donate your boxes. They will be appreciated, because boxes can be expensive. You may even want to post about your surplus on a local forum for a new neighbor to pick up.

Protect your floors. Do you have new furniture that is being delivered? Maybe new appliances or electronics are on their way? If so, you can use the cardboard boxes to protect your floors from large items and the movers from scratching and scuffing them.

Store your stuff. Attics and basements are often used as storage. You can use the cardboard boxes to organize and store items that won’t be used too often. Items like: holiday decorations, heavy winter clothing, and toys your children have outgrown but you want to save, can all be easily stowed away in some of these cardboard boxes. They are sturdy and easy to stack, so they are perfect for the basement or attic!

If all else fails… If you still cannot find a way to reuse your cardboard boxes, you can always recycle them. Make sure to break them down and leave them in recycling bins, not the trash!  You may also want to look into buyback or box exchange programs in your area, which are another alternative to recycling.

Your Oklahoma City moving company is excited that you have moved to town, and even happier that you decided to find a way to repurpose or recycle your cardboard boxes!