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Planning and Growing the Perfect Oklahoma Garden

A well planned and properly maintained home garden can furnish and add curb appeal to any Oklahoma home. The cost of plants, seeds, and fertilizer can be offset by the therapeutic and healthy outdoor exercise you will receive in return. It is necessary to set up a game plan before setting off on any gardening endeavors.

Oklahoma City movers say that the first step in starting any garden is choosing the optimal site to prepare your garden. Selecting and preparing the garden’s site is an important key to have a successful garden. You will first need to consider an area that has the right amount of exposure to sunlight with fertile soil and is well drained. You will also want to choose an area that is close to a water source and away from other plant like shrubs and trees that will compete with your garden for light, nutrients, and water.

After you choose the best area for your garden, you will need to plan what kind of plants you want to grow in your garden.  Pick a palette, you can choose a color palette for your garden for each season. Some plants to keep in mind that grow well in Oklahoma gardens are sunflower, lilies, peonies, and many different species of ferns. If you prefer to grow vegetables in your garden, broccoli, lettuce, asparagus, peas, onions, pumpkin, and squash are some great garden vegetables that thrive well in Oklahoma climates, you will just need to locate a chart that explains the best time of year to plant certain crops.

Once you have prepared the garden site and have selected your plants, Oklahoma City movers offer some gardening tips when it comes time to plant your crops. The following tips can help prevent some common garden problems.

  • Sample the soil a few times a year
  • Apply fertilizer in proper manner and doses
  • Use organic compost
  • Use mulches to keep soil moist, control weeds, and reduce fruit rot.
  • Avoid walking and working in wet soil
  • Keep involved in the garden to make sure it is on the right course and avoid potential problems
  • Try to keep the garden free of weeds and insects
  • Keep your tools clean

Oklahoma movers also warn you to avoid the following to help you avoid common mistakes:

  • Planting seeds to close to one another
  • Watering too frequently or excessively
  • Allowing weeds to grow too large before removal
  • Applying chemical in a haphazard manner
  • Placing fertilizer in direct contact with plant roots and seeds.

Once you have set up your garden area, perfected the soil, and planted your seeds the rest is a waiting game. Gardening is an adventure. It can be rewarding in many surprising ways and you will get back what you put in. Have fun in your home garden by finding fun pots, thrifty finds that can be converted to garden adornments, or colorful lighting. Create a beautiful extension to your Oklahoma City home by adding furniture and awnings to your garden, so the whole family can spend quality time together.