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Nature-Friendly Moving to Oklahoma City

Relocating to a new city isn’t the most environmentally-conscious thing to do. It tends to create large amounts of waste from packing material along with a prominent carbon footprint between Points A and B. This comes as no surprise since, according to TheAtlantic, the average American moves more than 11 times throughout their life.[1]So, how can we be more environmentally attentive while moving? Our Oklahoma City movers are happy to discuss more about nature-friendly moving to Oklahoma City. 


Find Other Packing Alternatives

For specific items, you may have no choice but to purchase packing boxes. Otherwise, there might be plenty of packing alternatives laying around at your disposal. Nature-friendly moving to Oklahoma City compels you to limit how much wasateful packing material you use as much as you can. Some packing alternatives include:

- Vacuum-sealed bags

- Suitcases

- Hampers and laundry baskets

- Dresser drawers

- Duffel bags

- Storage bins

- Old shipping boxes

There are different packing methods you can use for each alternative – you just need to get creative. For example, neatly pack fragile items amidst your clothes in the drawers to protect them from damage. As an extra precation, wrap them up in an old bedsheet or cover the drawer with a towel during transport. Voila! No additional boxes or bubble wrap required!

If you don’t have enough packing options laying around, you can always reserve our Oklahoma City packing services as a second option. With your nature-friendly move in mind, the Oklahoma City movers from our green moving company will use eco-friendly packing material to make sure it can be recycled after the big move. 


Declutter & Donate

As stated above, nature-friendly moving to Oklahoma City makes you rethink how much packing material you purchase, and if you pack too many items you no longer want, it results in more packing material wasted. Therefore, get down to the business of decluttering the closets, garage, pantries, storage bins, and the space under the beds to gather random items you no longer need. If you have anything salvageable, give back to the community by donating to local charities like Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity. Properly dispose of everything else at your local recycling center.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Nature-friendly moving to Oklahoma City also means reducing your carbon footprint. If you’re planning on driving your vehicle hundreds of miles, that’s out of the question. The emissions can do more harm to the environment. A better option is hiring our Oklahoma City auto movers to safely transport your vehicle. Once our experienced auto movers securely hitch your vehicle onto the auto transport truck, you can rest assured your vehicle won’t have a negative impact on the environment as you relocate. 


Environment-Friendly Moving with Our Skilled Movers

If you’re adamant about an environment-friendly move to Oklahoma City, give our green moving company a call. We strongly believe in helping our environment by finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint and using recyclable packing material. Don’t wait, call 405-358-4396 today for your complimentary quote. Happy eco moving!




[1] The Atlantic – Why Do Americans Move So Much More Than Europeans?