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Moving with Pets

Now that you’ve decided to move to Oklahoma City, it’s time to get everything in order so your move goes smoothly. Of course, you can’t forget about your furry friends. Moving with pets can be challenging, you have to think about your furry companion every step of the way. Nevertheless, moving with pets can be manageable when you check off important tasks as you complete them. When you hire our Oklahoma City movers to help you settle into your new home, you’ll have more time to take care of your furry friend’s needs.

Preparing Your Pets to Move

Moving with pets to Oklahoma City is a bit of a process, but you can start by getting in touch with your veterinarian to collect your pets’ records. Also, ask them for any additional prescription medications to last your pet until after the move. Your vet can also recommend another veterinarian in Oklahoma City and let you know about state regulations regarding rabies tags if you’re moving out of state.

Once you’ve obtained your pet’s health records, take the time to prepare an overnight kit for your pet. An overnight kit can help relax your pet during and after the move. Include items such as a copious amount of food, toys, cat litter, a pooper scooper, and grooming tools. Keeping these items close can help keep your pet calm during a big move.

Tie up any loose ends for your pet such as updating their ID tags with the new address and best contact number, just in case they get lost. In addition, double-check if their microchip works and is entered into a recovery system.

Taking Care of Your Pet During the Move

After our Oklahoma City movers have your items boxed up with their packing service and ready to go, you can tend to your pet’s needs during the move to help soothe their agitated nerves because of all the commotion. If you need to stay in a hotel when you’re moving long-distance with pets, make sure to call ahead and confirm whether the hotel is pet-friendly or not. Having a safe place to sleep that’s not the car can help your pet deal with the move.

For small pets, use a kennel to keep them safe in the vehicle while you’re moving to Oklahoma City. Before the day of your move, you can help them become acclimated to the kennel by having them sleep in there for a while and reward them with treats. Take the extra measure to make them feel safe in the kennel by draping a blanket over it.  

After Moving with Your Pet

Once you move to Oklahoma City, don’t let your cat or dog out just yet. As our Oklahoma City residential movers are carefully moving your boxes and furniture into your new home, help your pet become familiar with their new home, allocating a designated area for them. If you’re moving with a large dog, you can let them run loose in the yard if it’s fenced-off or otherwise enclosed. You can also tie their leash in the yard to keep them from getting lost among the mayhem.

Our Oklahoma City Movers Have Your Back

Moving to Oklahoma City doesn’t have to be a challenge. When you hire our Oklahoma City residential movers, you’ll experience easy relocation services you can’t find anywhere else. Having decades of relocation experience, our local and long-distance movers do what it takes to make sure our customers can move into their new home without any difficulties. Call us today for your free, no-obligation moving quote.