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Moving With a Flat Screen TV

Moving with expensive pieces of furniture is always a hassle. Making sure that nothing happens to your valuable items like china cabinets and TVs is always a nerve wracking moment, especially when trusting a moving company. The expert Oklahoma City movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage understand, which is why we want to share some tips on moving your flat screen TV.

How to Pack a Flat Screen TV

The hardest things to move aren’t always the heaviest or largest. Sometimes they’re the most valuable items we have, like our beautiful 70 inch flat screen TV. Though you might think there is no complexity in moving your flat screen TV, you’d be quite wrong. Due to the delicate nature of TVs these days, moving a flat screen TV is a tricky process. Oklahoma City residential movers recommend leaving a job like this to professionals, but if you are planning on moving your flat screen TV on your own, you will want to closely follow these guidelines.

1. Disconnect the TV Completely
When preparing to move your flat screen TV, it’s important to make sure that is completely and properly disconnected from the wall. If your TV has a lot of cords and will take you while to set back up again, take a picture of the cords in the back before undoing them all, so you know how to reconnect your TV when you’re settled in your new home.

2. Dismantle the Hardware
After removing all the cords and plugs, dismantle your TV completely from the wall or any wall mounts you may have it on. It may seem like leaving your TV connected to the wall mounts will save time in putting it back up again, but it’s a lot easier moving your flat screen TV on its own, than when it’s connected to something. Be sure to keep all small pieces of hardware and cords safely in a Ziplock bag so that you don’t lose them during the move.

3. Properly Box Your Flat Screen TV
The most important part of moving your flat screen TV is making sure that it’s properly boxed away during your move. You will want to wrap your TV in a protector such as a towel or a moving blanket before placing it inside a box. Once inside the box, you will also want to add additional layers of protector, like packing peanuts, to fill any empty spaces in the box. This will also help with keeping your flat screen still while in transport.

4. Properly Transport Your Flat Screen TV
Oklahoma City local movers are always asked whether its okay to transport a TV flat or laying on its side, the answer is yes. However, you may not want to lay your TV down or on its side because it could be more prone to damage in those positions. When moving your flat screen TV, it’s recommended to keep it upright, if you can.

If you are getting ready to move to or from Oklahoma City with your flat screen TV, let our expert movers take care of it for you! We offer the best packing services in Oklahoma City and will make the process of moving your flat screen TV painless.