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Moving in the Rain

With your moving day so close, your plate is most likely full of a large number of relocation tasks to finish. These relocation tasks may include changing your address with different organizations and businesses, making any final payments on the new home, scheduling a Wi-Fi installation, and so on. When you finally check the weather forecast for the day of your move, you may feel your stomach drop when you see there’s a high chance of precipitation. At first thought, you may see this as a wrench thrown in your plans and the possibility of rescheduling your DIY move to Oklahoma City. However, with the help of our Oklahoma City movers, we can go into further detail about how moving in the rain is possible!


Choose Plastic

Usually, we don’t recommend choosing plastic over any other material for the sake of the environment. Nonetheless, for bad weather, we suggest using plastic storage bins instead of cardboard boxes to prevent damage to your belongings. Cardboard boxes tend to get soggy and flimsy in the rain, putting your valuables (even electronics!) at risk of being damaged beyond repair. Whereas plastic bins cannot only keep your items safe, but they can also be reused in the future.


If packing is too much of an uphill battle for you, our Oklahoma City packing services are the solution to your problem. When rainy weather is in the forecast, our Oklahoma movers keep this in mind as they use waterproof moving supplies to ensure your items remain intact throughout the move. So, kick back, relax, and let the packing expert secure your belongings for the big move.


Reduce Moving Distance

As you’re moving in the rain, you’re most likely tracking in moisture around the house when walking around to lift and load boxes into the moving truck. This is a safety hazard because you or your movers can slip and fall while carrying heavy items. Remedy this by moving all packed plastic bins and furniture towards the entrance to reduce the chance of injuring yourself. If you have a garage, that’s an even better place to gather your packed bins as you’ll have less of a mess to clean up.


Put Up a Cover

As previously mentioned, it’s important to not track as much moisture around as possible to prevent slips and falls. Therefore, set up a hanging tarp or pop-up tent from the entryway to the back of the moving truck to decrease your chances of tracking water along the path.


Waterproofing the Moving Truck

Just before you load the truck, lay down old sheets or towels on the floor of the truck to give yourself safe flooring if you need to climb inside. This also prevents your storage bins from slipping and sliding around the truck during the move.


Stress-Free Moving with AMS

When planning out your move to Oklahoma City, contact our Oklahoma City movers first. We provide exceptional customer care along with the expertise needed to have a successful move into your new home. Having over twenty years of experience in the relocation industry, our moving company in Oklahoma City can have you moved in on-schedule with your valuables damage-free. Don’t delay, contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote. Happy moving!