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Moving During a Difficult Time

Something can never be perfectly planned. Which is very true when it comes to planning a move. Unfortunately, you do not have the luxury to move at a more convenient time because everyone is restricted by school, work, available vacation days, kids, and so on. So when you are faced with a major emotional stress that life throws your way moving can be the tipping point.

Whether you are facing a huge life change, a divorce, death or economic crisis, adding the stress of moving can send you tumbling fast. But to not let that discourage you. All My Sons of Oklahoma City are prepared to put your weight on their shoulders, literally. Oklahoma City’s professional movers are not only here to provide you with the best full service move but they also have a few tips for you if you find yourself moving during an emotionally difficult time in your life.

When faced with an emotional trauma like the passing of a family member, personal belongings tend to provide comfort and security. All My Sons moving company suggests that your keep with you what you need in order to get through the tough time.

Unlike other moving advice All My Sons suggests for the more traditional circumstance, it is best you move everything even if you are unsure you want to keep the certain item or not. When emotions cloud you judgment you may find it hard to make appropriate decisions about whether to move something or not. The last thing you want to do is make a hasty decision and regret having gotten rid of something you wanted to keep. You can always make the decision of tossing an item later when you are ready.

Once again, if you have a strong emotional tie to whatever it is you are moving, such as a deceased family member, going through their belongings may be unbearable. Feel free to ask for another person’s assistance such as a friend or neighbor to pack up said belongings and move them with you so that you can go through everything at a later time. Even if you may face extra charges for shipping more things, you will be glad to have done it in the long run.

To put more emphasis on a previous statement, do not be rash. Doing things strictly out of rage or sadness will come back around and you do not want to carry to burden of regretting a decision you made under extreme duress. Take a step back, take a deep breath and whatever you do, do not make a decision out of spite.

Even though you will be tempted to trash a present from your ex, it may not economically benefit you when considered rationally. Instead sell it, donate it, or if it is absolutely useless to all toss it.

In the end, do what you need to in order to get through this difficult time. Starting a new life in the midst of a tragedy is emotionally and physically draining so it is important to keep health and get plenty of rest. Give yourself what you need and the time you need. After all, All My Sons moving company is here to help you so when you are ready your professional Oklahoma City movers will assist you with all your moving needs, especially for those items that you cannot face to pack yourself.

Always remember that moving to Oklahoma City is a good thing at this point in your life. You are moving into a new life and new home in which you can cleanse yourself of any emotional ties of the past and start over.