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General Moving Tips From The Oklahoma City Movers

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful due to all of the planning, packing, cleaning and everything else involved. It takes a lot of organizing and work, but when you finally walk into your new home sweet home, it’s definitely worth all the efforts. All My Sons of Oklahoma City has put together a quick list of tips and advice to help make moving smoother for you and your family.

One great moving tip is to make sure that you have enough moving and packing supplies. This includes lots of boxes of different sizes, tape, labels, bubble wrap, markers and even old newspaper. For help on finding professional moving supplies, you can order them online at the AllMySonsMovingSupplies website. You’ll find moving kits, boxes as well as helpful information like packing guides and moving checklists to help you through your move.

To make packing your clothing easier, use wardrobe boxes. They are taller and great for planning all your clothes while still on their hanger which makes setting them up in your new home easier. The Oklahoma City movers want to remind you not to over pack them so that they don’t break midway.

Make sure to label everything so that it’s easy to find later on. Plus, it will help the movers set up the right boxes in the right rooms. So dishes and silverware will be found in the kitchen.

When packing appliances, television sets, computers and so on, make sure to keep all the different parts together. Use little plastic bags to hold cables, batteries, remote controls or anything else that’s part of the item.

The Oklahoma City local moving company also suggests you prepare a few boxes with things that’ll help transition you and your family for a few days. Pack boxes you can ‘live’ from for a few days while you set up your new home. Pack extra work clothes, school clothes for your children, medication if needed, toothbrushes and anything else you’ll need.

You can use backpacks, luggage and gym bags to use for packing, especially if you realize you’re missing a few boxes. You can pack clothes or shoes or even sheets and towels. You’ll be moving your bags as well as other items.

Remember, if you’re moving in and around Oklahoma City including areas like Norman, Mustang, Yukon, Edmond and Choctaw, your local Oklahoma City movers will take care of your entire movie down to the very last detail. All My Sons of Oklahoma City is licensed and insured and has a solid reputation. Our Oklahoma City movers are professional and have countless years of experience, so let our family move yours.