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Things to Know Before Moving to Oklahoma City

So you are preparing to move to The Big Friendly? Congratulations! You’re in for a treat, as Oklahoma City is one of the hidden gems in the country with plenty to offer residents of all ages. Before you pack up and get ready to move to Oklahoma City, we have a few insider things you need to know!

First of all, what’s with the name The Big Friendly? Well, the local city Centennial Commission director decided that Oklahoma City needs a name that competes with The Big Apple and The Big Easy. In a place where friendliness is a way of life, this nickname only made sense.

Bricktown is an old abandoned warehouse district that marks the center of the city. Now, there are restaurants, retail options, things to do, and plenty of people watching at Bricktown. There is even a canal running through the area where tourists and locals alike can enjoy a boat ride through the district.

The signature eatery in the city is Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. Located in the Stockyards City area, it boasts an Old West vibe that is authentic of the original Oklahoma landscape. The steaks are so tender you can cut them with a fork, and the lamb fries are to die for—vegetarians might want to skip this spot.

Beer is a big deal here. We’ve got lots of brewing companies in town but for a real treat check out Battered Boar Brewing Company. Their Coconut Cream Stout was a recent hit at the Great American Beer Festival. Oklahoma City is known for their microbreweries.

The economy is stable. During the height of the recession Forbes named OKC the most recession proof city in the nation and more recently the magazine called us the most affordable city in America. So maybe nice cities finish first?

There is new life breathing into the downtown Oklahoma City area. As the city continues to grow with new residents and new businesses, the downtown region is undergoing a type of renaissance.

There are museums, sporting events, a zoo, botanical gardens, and 17 miles of green space in downtown alone.

The Oklahoma City Thunder is a great basketball team that went head to head with the Miami heat in the NBA finals in 2012. The fan base here is supportive and everyone loves the Thunder! The Chesapeake Arena is best known for the Thunder is pretty important to the city because it allowed us to have our first professional sports team. While the Thunder wasn’t the first team, it is the most loved around here.

These are just a few things to know about Oklahoma City before you move. We hope to see you soon!